Thursday, August 2, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

Who can believe it is the first Thursday of AUGUST?! Holy cow!

Link up with Neely & Amber today to talk about what's okay with you!

It's Okay...

....that I am working 30 hours next week...4 of those shifts being trained for takeut! Wahoo..more money!
....that I want to adopt a baby from China after I have my own children

...that my boyfriend annoys me at times

...that I am SO SO SO EXCITED for Stephanie to come today!!

....that I follow all the Fab Five gymnasts on twitter. I like to pretend we're BFFs. #loser

...that I procrastinate like it's nobody's business

...that I told my cousin not to put us in "ugly" bridesmaid dresses for her wedding on July 4th next year! laugh at people when they haul @$$ around you and race to a red light. want to cry that McSteamy is leaving Grey's Anatomy. feel okay if I don't get called back for another interview after yesterday. At least it was an experience! (More on this later).

....that I am excited for my mom to go on vacation next week to spend time with her sister. She deserves a break.

...that I am contemplating asking/paying someone to do a blog design for me. 

...that my bank account is depleting by paying bills. I can't wait to work more hours so I can have more money (even though I'll whine).

...that I want to buy a bottle of SkinnyGirl tonight.

...that I get excited every time I see I have a new follower. Doesn't matter if I get comments or not...I love blogging! 

....the fact that I have my future kids names picked out and my husband will only have say on the middle names. 

....that I want to barf every time I see someone I know get engaged that is my age because I wish it was me and don't wish it was me at the same time.

...that I crack up at the emails my mom sends me. Here are a few "Top of the morning to ya" "What's new with you?" "CALL ME...MAYBE" 

....that I have done nothing productive lately and I am now on season 7 of SVU. It makes me miss Stabler on the past season.

...that I feel the need to go buy Dominique Moceanu's book but I am debating between ordering it on Amazon or getting the Kindle version. 

...that I still buy new pens at back to school because I have a serious office supplies addiction.

...that I have to go finish cleaning my room so I can go to the airport to get my friend. WAHOO! 


  1. I can't believe it's already August as well! Time is flying by.

  2. I am SO sad that McSteamy is leaving Grey's!