Saturday, August 11, 2012

Georgia invades New York!

Little did I know when I went off to college 7 (!) years ago, I would meet someone in my Intermediate French 2 class first semester freshmen year that would become my roommate our sophomore year and one of my best friends. Who would have thought a little Southern girl from Georgia would find her way to a state school in NY?! :) Stephanie actually met a guy (who would later be her boyfriend but now an ex) on a cruise that told her about New Paltz. From there, it'll all began.

I really miss Stephanie and after her visit to NY in October 2011, we began planning another one!! I really should have gone to visit her but she wanted to come here! She was here from last Thursday-until Monday and we had the best time!

Thursday was pretty lowkey. After being stuck in buttloads of traffic on the way back from the airport, we went to my job and had lunch. My friend Anj got our food comped (love that girl!) and we just had to pay for our mojitos. Later that night, Allison and Olivia came over to chill....which led into us lanyarding. Yes, you read that correctly. Allison does it at the camp she works at so we had fun!

Friday, Stephanie and I took the ferry over to Fire Island. One of the great things about NY/Long Island is there are MANY beaches! The water was pretty rough so we really only dipped our toes in. The lifeguards actually had to pull 4 people out because of how bad the water was. And I "forgot" to put on sunblock, so I got somewhat burned.

Later that night, we went to dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings with Allison, Shannon, Olivia and John (the boyfriend). Straight from dinner, we went for a 45 minute drive to a bar to visit our favorite bartender. I hadn't seen him in about 3 months since he left his other job but it was so great! The drive back was a little interesting and I ended up getting sick in the middle of the night....pretty sure I got food poisoning.

Richie and our stop light shots! 

Olivia & I

Shannon, Stephanie, Allison, Olivia, Me, and John

Two of my best friends! 

On Saturday, we were planning on going to the wineries out East. I didn't think I could stomach wine and we just decided to go to the summerfest in my town that is the first weekend in August every year! Much better option! And since it was so hot, we got ices. Before we went, we had McDonalds (nothing like fast food to cure a hangover) and I got a happy meal....therefore, we started the Sisterhood of the Traveling Squiddy.

 Alison is forever alone at Chilis...

So excited he showed up!!

On Sunday, we went into the city to see Danny, one of our friends from college. Two more friends were suppose to meet up but couldn't. We just basically walked around the city, saw Danny's office, saw a man in a bikini in Times Square...hey, it's NYC...anything goes! 

Train ride home!

Allison wanted to keep Stephanie in NY...Therefore, she tried to throw her in the trunk!

Overall, it was one fantastic weekend! It took forever to come and now that it has passed, I am so sad. I still talk to her every day on the computer but I can't wait to see her again. We have the type of friendship that we just pick up where we left off after not seeing each other for months. I cannot wait to visit her next year!!

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