Monday, August 20, 2012

Eternally Blessed

Lately, I have been in a very pensive mood. I'm not quite sure why. I often like to just sit back and look at my life and think about everything. Is that weird? Probably, but whatever.

In the past few weeks...and maybe even year since I finished my Master's.....I have done some soul-searching. I was one of the few of my friends that when we went into college seven years ago (!!!!), I knew exactly what I wanted to study..."Adolescence Education 7-12 Spanish." In other words, I wanted to be a Spanish teacher for either middle school or high school. And I have talked about it here many times before...I essentially did the entire legwork up until student teaching and never got the chance to do it. Didn't have the opportunity to walk at graduation with my friends (I got my opportunity a year later since I was an August grad and not a May grad...bunch of crap).

But that never stopped me. Taking a semester off before I started graduate school did my soul some justice. It allowed me to clear my head and in a year and a half, I completed my Master's. Now, as I search for jobs, I am disappointed in the outcome thus far but not letting it get to me. I have applied for countless jobs and only had one interview. I am lucky in that regard and have not heard back from them so I guess I didn't make it past the first cut. And you know what? I am okay with it. The job was kind of far but at least I had an interview. It gave me perspective of what to expect, what kinds of questions I could be asked and how I can answer them better or differently in the future.

I have faith that the right job will come along when it is meant to be. I just feel eternally blessed to have an amazing support system and people who have the utmost faith in me.
 My SIL....forget calling her a sister-in-law...she is more like a sister to me. I have known her since I was 6 years old. She is always there for advice about ANYTHING and has an amazing sense of humor. I am so thankful that God blessed my brother with an amazing wife and me with the best sister-in-law I could ask for. She has helped me prepare for grad school and interviews along the way and without her, who knows where I would be?!

I'm blessed to be an aunt to these three precious little ones. There is nothing more precious then your 7-year-old niece telling you every time she sees you "I just love you Aunt Kristin." I know they'll be proud no matter what I do.

My mother...who would give an arm & a leg for me no matter what. She has sacrificed so much in life and raised 5 kids on her own (not by choice). All she wants is for me to get a job and I just want to get one to be able to say "Thanks Mom for believing in me all these years."

I just feel eternally blessed. When the day gets crappy and people aggravate me at my job (I'm not kidding when I say in the span of 15 minutes last night, every single customer that came in was nasty or rude about something!) I know there are those few who have got my back. Whatever God has in store for me, I'm ready and willing to accept it. God's got my back and will continue to help me along this journey in life. He will keep me eternally blessed.

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