Monday, January 18, 2016

A whole lot of nothing on this three day weekend

I am so happy we had this three day weekend after being back at school for 10 days. People think that "teachers are off all the time" and "they're so lucky." But these little breaks (and snow days too!) are necessary to recharge your batteries.

I did a whole lot of nothing this weekend. And you know what? It was absolutely wonderful! I was suppose to go out with a couple of girlfriends on Saturday night but one of them (who is on her vacation from her manager position) had a tooth pulled so she was not feeling her best with the pain killers. I was sad but totally okay with it. I really was a bum. I had the WHOLE weekend off from work, including today even though I asked to be put on the schedule. It was also my brother Brian's last weekend working in the restaurant. We worked together for the last 5 years but he has been with the place since they opened over 8 years ago. It was just time for him to leave. He had enough of the place. But I will certainly miss working with him!

My big adventure Friday night was going to Bed Bath and Beyond with my mom, where I purchased the "Huggable Hangers" by Joy Mangano. Have any of you all seen J-Law's new movie "Joy" which is based on this lady's life? I certainly want to. It says the hangers help double and triple your closet space. I have a lot of clothes, some of which I should just learn to part with, so I am hoping this helps. However, my closet is a BEAST that needs a few days to be tamed with so I am leaving that for February break.

I even went crazy and bought 4 pairs of new pants for work at Old Navy. I went up a size (until I lose weight) and bought 3 pairs of the pixie pants and Rock Star pants based on the recommendations of girls at work. Trust me, when I find a pair of pants that fits in the waist with no gap in the back and aren't too long, I buy them in every color. Can't wait to wear a pair this week.

I also put up a few new products in my TpT store. Sometimes I browse through other people's stores and I am amazed at their products. Granted, most of these are people who teach elementary school. I am amazed at the quality of the graphics they use (yeah, you can get free graphics on TpT but you also gotta put some money out there to get them). The depth of some of their products. The creativity! At times, I am jealous that they can come up with all of these cute ideas and then reality quickly sets in because I would not want to plan for all those subjects! I love the TpT site because not only did it save my butt as a first year teacher last year but I have been able to earn a profit off things I use in my classroom! It's nice to be able to share things with other educators. At times, I wish I had better resources (hello, I am using a Macbook Pro from 2009 and Microsoft Power Point for Mac 2011) but my main goal over this summer is to really develop some high quality products and keep adding them. And you know, maybe that'll eventually help me buy a new computer. (Don't get me wrong...this one is still working but I can't update to the latest Microsoft Software because it won't let me due to my memory or something! And I have deleted crap. WAAHH).

I am also equally about something I pre-ordered for myself on Amazon. I am probably one of the worst cooks. I absolutely love grocery shopping because I find it therapeutic. I know, it's weird. So I hate cooking because of all the time it consumes and such. Over the last year-two years, I have been reading this blog by Shay Shull. She is the sister of Sean Lowe, the former Bachelor. She posts a ton of recipes on her foodie blog and also shares about her adorable family. She has two cookbooks coming out in February so I preordered them! And much to my surprise, Amazon told me they should be arriving on my door stop next Monday!

And to top off a festive weekend, I finally put the Christmas stuff away. And threw out an entire box of lights that were sitting in the attic for God only knows how many years that did not work. Progress, people. Progress.

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  1. I liked the movie Joy a lot.

    I'm reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and it's helped me change my thinking about how packed my closet(s) is/are and how I can change that. I recommend it!

    I did no schoolwork this weekend. Oh well.