Sunday, January 31, 2016

eBay is driving me nuts

First of all, I love ebay. I have bought a lot of things off of it and received them, no problem. From DVDs to CDs to Vera Bradley bags. 

So I decided to sell my extra pair of Disney Jasmine Vans that I had. Somehow I had managed to order two by accident and never returned one. And I am super regretting that now because of this mishap. 

The shoes retail for $65 so I at least wanted to get rid of them for that price. I REALLY didn't want to take anything for lower. The first week, there were watchers but not any buyers. The second week, there was one lady that kept asking me about the price and would I go lower. She ended up bidding and winning. I was super excited I sold them being that it was my first thing I was selling on eBay.

Yesterday, I printed the labels and boxed it up, ready to ship it out. I went to the post office in the next town because I had to get gas on my way to work yesterday. When I walked in, they said they were having internet issues and couldn't give me a receipt (maybe I should have taken this as a sign and gone somewhere else). I didn't think it would be that big a deal. He scanned my package, said the label was correct (I was worried because it was the first time I did this on eBay) and I went on my merry way.

I messaged the buyer on eBay the tracking number and she is saying it is delivered to a PO box. So I look and it says that in NY. I am SO CONFUSED because she lives in California and it was 1-3 day priority. Then she keeps messaging me about it, asking if I gave her the right tracking number, which I did. I took a picture of it and also got it from ebay. 

I am just really pissed because I want to know where this package is. Essentially I feel like the Bayport post office messed up and now my package is lost. And with this buyer constantly messaging me, I just want to figure out the situation. I already messaged the post office on their "Contact Us" tab  and will go there tomorrow. I just hope it is not lost in space!

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