Tuesday, February 2, 2016

My favorite teaching memes/pet peeves

Now that we are half way through the school year (WHAT?!), some things still don't surprise me about being a teacher.

I was messing around on Pinterest and came across from of my favorite teaching memes. I had to share them!

This will ALWAYS be my biggest pet peeve! I just want to know where they think they are going. Pencil cases were invented. This used to be my biggest pet peeve with a 9th period class. Last year they knew they had no excuse. No pencil = I have to type all my notes on the Chromebook AND rewrite them in the packet for homework. That solved them forgetting pencils.

Mainly they ask me "Does this count?!" I say that everything counts and it scares them into doing it. HAHAHAHAHA.

In 6th grade, the language class is every other day. So essentially they have 2 nights to do the homework. Sometimes I let them start in class if we have a few extra minutes. My favorite is when they tell me "I did it....but it is at home." Great place for it! lol.

I posted this the other day on Facebook. (Sidenote: The Help is one of my favorite movies!). This is so true. You spend your own money on classroom supplies/products on TpT. You're up late creating awesome lessons. Your body pretty much functions on caffeine!

My rule is they can turn their homework in the next day for half credit. Half credit is better than no credit. But after 1 day, they can't do it anymore. It would be AWESOME if they could always turn it in on time!!

Oh so true. My favorite thing to do now is just walk up to the kid, stand behind them and just wait. It TOTALLY makes them stop talking.

My favorite response to the question "Does everyone understand what they have to do?" "HUH?!"

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