Thursday, June 16, 2011

Okay, let's try this again because seriously, blogger wants me to smack my head in frustration, haha.

I'm linking up with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday. I have no idea how to get her button on this blog because when I tried it the first 348235 times, it keeps linking my text below to it. So I just saved it. So let's just give this a whirl.

1. Seriously?! does my neighbor across the street need to use a saw EVERY.SINGLE.DAY?! I don't know wth he is doing but seriously, there's no need to be doing it at like 7am. Every day I've tried to sleep in this week, he has disturbed me. Boo.

2. Seriously?! my college did not respond to my email about paying my summer bill with "That's a very good question. We'll get back to you when we have the answer." Are you for real?! Take $1500 off my bill for your stupidity, pleasekthanks.

3. Seriously?! what is with this weather?! it is so darn bi-polar. last week for three days straight it was so hot & humid, i had considered building an igloo and living in it. now, it's sunny one minute, downpouring the next. what on earth?! Make up your mind, Mother Nature. I need to get my tan on at the beach like yesterday!

4. Seriously?! was it necessary during Extreme Couponing last night to announce "Breaking Duggar Family News...tune in to the Today Show tomorrow morning" that the oldest and his wife had their second child. Apparently they're keeping with the tradition of using an M name for each child. I hope they name their son Moses! Ha ha.

5. Seriously?! I'm slowly being addicted to coupons. Nothing like the freakshows on Extreme Couponing but it is becoming a little hobby of 24. Way to be old, Kristin. Way to be old.

6. Seriously?! How hard is it for me to clean my room?! I let it go crazy when I was student teaching because between getting up at 530am 5 days a week, teaching, tutoring, classes, and working, I had no desire to clean. No joke, a pile of sweaters is sitting on my floor screaming "Put me away!"....yeah, that'll happen once I get my act together and can finish all my lesson plans for my thematic unit for my summer class....aka next Friday!

7. Seriously?! I read an article in my local newspaper about how US students do not know anything about US History. Seriously?...not surprising. I dont remember a darn thing that I learned in school and have no taken a US history class since my freshman year of college. Oh well. I knew it way back when I was getting tested on it.

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  1. Ha !!! I KNEW it wasn't just me. I can't get her button to work either. I'm on Wordpress. Her button is the ONLY one I can't get to work. Well, maybe it's just US instead...LOL

    Have a good weekend.