Monday, June 20, 2011

Procrasination is my game

Lord knows I procrastinate like the BEST of them. I mean, I never really was like it in high school. Usually, the nights I had dance, I came home and did my homework so I could just eat dinner and shower after dance. Then I got to college. and that all changed, ha ha!

I vividly remember my freshman year of college, I had a research paper the spring semester for my Freshman Comp 2 English class. I actually decided randomly one night "Hey, I'll do an all-nighter and get it done." Brilliant? Yes and no. Stupid? Partly. Needless to say, I got a 100 on it! Sophomore year my final for my Developing Adolescent Psych class was a 10 page paper on our adolescence. My roommate Steph (I've talked about her before) was in my class. Our brilliant minds did it the night before it was due in yet again another all-nighter. Oh we were just clever.

I pretty much did that the rest of college. I lived by my planner and got the majority of my assignments done. But I'd get distracted by lots of things. Yet, I find sometimes I work better under pressure. You know, like David Bowie's Song "Under Pressure.." That was the case for all my assignments I had for one of my Special Education classes this summer. I waited until this weekend to do all my work...and I finished it...getting all A's. SCORE 1 for my inner nerd.

I got out of my summer class so early today I was able to race over to my nephew's pre-school graduation! It was so cute! He surely does not like any form of dance as his older sister does (believe me, she is the star when she is on stage!). I was super happy to be able to go because last year, I got stuck working so I couldn't go to my niece's graduation. It is hard to believe his sister (my goddaughter) will be in first grade and he'll be in kindergarten! They are growing up so fast!

And in true fashion, I took a nap today when I got home. Usually, I work Monday nights but one girl wanted to switch with me this week because she needed her Wednesday shift covered. It was nice not working. I did zumba this morning with Amanda. And I'm addicted. I feel weird saying that after taking two classes but it's such a good workout. No matter how ridiculous you look, its so good! I liked this instructor because her music was fun and there were a lot more younger people in this class. I think Amanda and I are joining the gym and it'll be fun.

I cannot wait to be able to clean my room. I need to put my air conditioner in my room...or rather have one of my darling brothers put it in. And put my winter clothes away....I'm just waiting for summer classes to be over. It'll be my project next week. Need to do some major cleaning!

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