Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'm linking up with Becky at From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday! Link up!

1. Seriously?! Is it that hard for my school to figure out the answer to how I can pay my summer bill?! I tried doing it on the website for the refund from extra loan luck and the same on the bursar's website! And hey, today's the last day of summer classes (for my session) and I never paid the bill. Seriously, what kind of morons work there?!

2. Seriously?! How has it been that I haven't gotten a haircut since September?! Cannot wait to go get one today.

3. Seriously?! I am so excited for this summer. I have so many exciting things coming up! From going to Britney Spears Concert on August 2nd with my BFF Shannon to Disney a week later with the family, a possible trip to Hershey Park with an awesome group of friends, etc. So much fun is going to happen!!

4. Seriously?! Can people stop asking me to cover their shifts at work? Apparently I have a face that won't say no. Normally, I do not mind covering a shift because it's money which I can always use and if I have nothing to do. Like I switched shifts with someone last night and they worked my Monday shift because she's graduating today and had family coming in. No biggie. But I'm not giving up my plans on Sat night to work someone's shift and do two doubles in a row. No thank you. I want money....I just don't wanna cover EVERYONE'S shifts when I never (actually RARELY) need coverage. End rant.

5. Seriously?! Can Mother Nature stop being so temperamental?! It's so crappy this week! I want to go to the beach before its next summer!!

I need to go study for my final. Maybe my professor will repeat all the questions from our quizzes. Wouldn't that be lovely? And oh, I'm so excited to massively be cleaning my room soon! So I can walk and it doesnt look like a war zone!

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  1. Thank you for the reminder! It's been FOREVER since I've cut my hair too! I think I might just make an appointment tomorrow. :)