Friday, June 17, 2011

{External Hardrive}

That is my baby. My macbook pro. Okay, well the picture isn't of the one I own but still. I had a Dell in college and seriously had problem after problem with it. Within three months of owning it, I was trying to write a paper one night and no joke, my screen started to look like it was having a seizure. My brother tried to fix it but it kept happening. I took it to the help desk at school and they were only to tell me my three month warranty had expired BEFORE this happened. Splendid. Cue the crying phone call to my mom that my computer was broke and I would fail all my classes...and massive phone calls later, she bought me a warranty. Turned out that my video card was broke and when they tried to diagnose it, they said "Well, you're the first person to have this problem with this model. You should feel special."

Yeah, I feel REAL special my computer does not work! The next year it was pretty fine. When I came home from Spain, my fans blew. Don't worry...I had the necessary plug adapters so I couldn't fry my motherboard while in Europe. Then I got a line going vertically on my computer. They sent someone to fix it at my dorm...three hours later, the line was BACK. They essentially sent all the parts for a new computer for the guy to fix it...the technician told me they should have just given me a new computer. Well, once I graduated, my battery was kaput. It would cost me $300 to replace thank you!

So I worked my bootay off at my job and saved up my money to buy a Macbook Pro. I got the 15" model and loved it. It was my form of crack when I got it. My then-boyfriend had convinced me to get a Pro and not the regular macbook (the all-white one). In the two years I've had it, the ONLY problem I have had is my track pad stopped working last summer. Took it to the store and got great customer service (seriously...Apple & two favorite places for customer service).

Well, I have a ton of pictures on my computer and if it were to ever CRASH, I'd be crying the Nile River from losing them. So I want to get an external hard-drive to back them up as well as all my files (I still have every paper I ever wrote in college on my never know when you'll need them!). But, I don't know which one to get. How much space it should have on it. How much they run for....if you have ANY idea, please give me some advice!

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