Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's already Thursday?!

It is already Thursday?! Seriously?! Well then, it is time to link up with Becky @ From Mrs to Mama for Seriously?! Thursday!

Seriously....people's stupidity sometimes bewilders me. I had to work a double on Sunday night (I'm a hostess at California Pizza Kitchen at my mall). Okay, no biggie. This guy walks up to me after his party of seven is sat and asks "Do you have a separate listing for hamburgers?" to which I stared at him and said "I'm sorry, we do not." Dude, it is the California PIZZA Kitchen! We do not serve hamburgers! Nor do we serve French Fries. Also, why would you bring your DOG out to a restaurant to dine? Someone called and asked if they brought their chihuahua, could they sit outside on our patio? Um, no, it is a restaurant. The only type of animals we allow are seeing eye dogs. Seriously people, GET A CLUE!

Seriously...I'm not a fan of my car right now. Usually, I love my little Corolla. Infact, her name is Cora the Corolla, creative I know! But when I had it inspected the other day, I was told I have "weak struts" which apparently has something to do with the brakes or wheels, I forget. Anywho, it'll cost me almost $2000 to replace them...seriously?! Do I look like I'm made of mad dough? Time to go get another estimate (a la from my friend's dad) and sell my soul to pay for it. This part of being an adult is what sucks.

Seriously...I'm annoyed at my phone. It worked perfectly fine last night when my friend texted me a picture of my car at the light when I was going to work because he was behind me. (He's such a creeper!) But then the scroll stops working making it totally unusable. I tried googling what time the verizon store by me opens but it didn't have hours. But I just had to shut it off because my alarm was set on it from yesterday and now it'll go off every FIVE minutes if I dnon't have the phone shut off....seriously, better get a new one!

Seriously...I don't like taking my dog to the vet. I have to trick her into the car by giving her treats. She is more content laying on the cold tile floor behind the front door next to the closet door (aka her little corner which she was sitting in this morning like she did something bad) than going in a car. Also, I have no idea how I'll get a poop sample as that is what they wanted. Our yard is all cleaned up from it and um well, yeah, I don't feel like driving with that. Plus, if she has to get blood drawn or anything, I may & needles don't mix. I have a fear of needles now ever since the nurse doing my pre-surgical testing did this to my arm for bloodwork back in December: (yeah THAT should not happen...even the surgeon commented on it!)
Seriously...I do not want people to text me for coverage for their shift for the rest of the week. I was going to try to reschedule my appointment with the lung doctor next Friday depending upon if I had an AM shift or PM work shift but seriously, not worth the hassle just to go to dinner with my friends. I mean, I'd love to but I'll just meet them for drinks. But seriously, I had two people asking me to work for them on Tuesday...I made it so I couldnt get scheduled go work on Tuesday. A girl has gotta have a break every now and then. Oy with the poodles already!


  1. I can totally relate to the first. I once was at an ice cream store heard a customer ask if they had any ice cream made without milk! I just don't get ppl

  2. Oh, I could write a book with the stupid comments I get from customers! My favorite is when kids ask why we don't serve french fries with the chicken.