Sunday, June 5, 2011

Lagging behind on the bandwagon!

Oh dear. I am behind on jumping on the bandwagon of people loving Pinterest. I had read about it in a bunch of people's blogs. I was trying to resist it because why would I need another website that would suck in my time? And make me procrastinate on everything! Haha.

But last night, after work, I decided to play around on it. It's addicting!! I saved some of my favorite word graphics and truly, they are words to live by.

I totally need this! Not only is it my first initial but it's the colors of my bedroom, and my favorite colors!

Couldn't agree more!

Ain't that the truth! He's always got something in store for us.

I put this quote in my sister-in-law's picture calendar I make her for Christmas for the month of July because it's the month of her wedding anniversary with my brother. She cracked up when she read it.

Things come and go that make life difficult. Just being able to courage on through it is what means the most.

Let's just say....I am going to be addicted to this website, haha!

I am loving that I dont have to be in to work until 5 tonight! Yay! I am watching some of my favorite Lifetime movies while cleaning up my room. It'll be a few day process but my GOAL is to get it done this week!

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