Sunday, June 12, 2011

Disaster Zone..

I'm usually a pretty organized person. I mean, when I applied to colleges, each college had a separate manilla folder with all the requirements for each school (SAT or ACT, Average GPA, deposit amount, deadline, essay or no, etc) on a post-it note on the inside. I live by Post-It notes so it worked wonders. The folders made the whole process of applying that much less aggravating.

Well, enter in student teaching. My life/organization got thrown for a loop and no joke, I ended almost a MONTH ago....and there are STILL clothes I have not put away. Why is changing your wardrobe from winter to summer (and even summer to fall, etc) such a DAUNTING task? I feel like it takes forever. Maybe it is because I get easily distracted....thanks Facebook & blogger, haha! I took all my sweaters from the closet where they were hanging (why I hang my sweaters i don't know) and threw them in a pile on the floor. No joke, I am so tired (explanation coming) and have to leave for work in an hour. It won't get finished by then. Whatever, Tuesday or something it'll have to be done. At least my two hampers of CLEAN clothes were all put away. :-D

Today I had to get up at 6am for work. The LAST time I got up anywhere remotely that early (usually it was between 5 & 5:30) was student teaching! We had a mandatory work meeting at 7am for the new menu rollout. I work at California Pizza Kitchen so in order for us to all meet, they made it that early. Oh, mind you I am NOT a morning person. We are taking a bunch of things off the menu and they're adding some new stuff to it. So, we got to taste it. Yes, we ate fried mac n cheese, bang bang shrimp (who doesn't love that name?!), habanero pizza at like 8am....waaaaaaayyyyyy too early for that. At least we got paid for the 2 hrs we were there! And since they want to advertise the new items and such for two weeks once it starts, we all get t-shirts to wear that advertise a new menu item. I think half the staff wants their's to be the bang bang shrimp one, haha. I know I do! At least I did not have to work after it. I do have to be there at 5 and I want to straighten my hair beforehand.

I saw The Hangover Part II on Friday and it was pretty funny. I swear the guy that plays Alan had probably the funniest lines in the movie! I had heard mixed reviews about it and people were basically saying it was just like the first one, just moved to a different city. And it was, but still a good laugh.

I have a unit plan due next Monday for one of my summer classes and I majorly need to work on it this week. Thankfully I dont have to work til five the day before it's due so I feel if I can get my massive closet organization done...or the majority of it done....then I'll be good.

Well, time to go move some of the disaster zone of clothes strewn across my room and get ready for work. Ciao!

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