Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday, y'all! I hope you're making it through the week!

It's time to link up with Jamie and show what you're loving this week!

I'm loving that tomorrow is my
last day of summer classes! Can I get a whoo-hoo?! I did not have a final in my class today but I have a 100 question multiple choice final tomorrow. After I'm done, this is what I plan on doing:

I'm loving that I was able to make it to my nephew's preschool graduation this past Monday (pictures to soon follow). He is 4 and a half. I like to call him Mr.Monkey! I cannot believe he is going to kindergarten! It seems like the other day he was this small:

I'm loving that in less than six weeks I'll be seeing this girl:

with this awesome friend

I'm loving zumba! It is seriously an awesome workout! My friend Amanda and I did two different classes, each with a different instructor. We really enjoyed the one we took on Monday. In fact, when she played Shakira music, it pretty much sold Amanda (we both have a great love for Shakira music). I think we're going back on Monday and officially joining the gym. Yay! Seriously look into zumba! It's such a great workout and no matter how ridiculous you think you look, you have so much fun!

I'm loving Toddlers & Tiaras. I need my bad reality TV to laugh at! Seriously, I get sucked into watching these shows and can't stop watching! I swear when I have children, my daughters won't be in pageants. Not that there's anything wrong with it if anyone has been in one...these moms are just psychotic!

What are you loving today?!


  1. I have only heard good things about zumba. Very tempted to find some classes around me!

  2. It takes a little getting used to. I've heard you might not like it at first (thats what I was told) but once you get used to it, its fun!