Sunday, June 26, 2011

where did the weekend go?!

Geez, where did the weekend go? It honestly always flies by! I had to work on Friday. But I did something a little, well, drastic before I had to go to work. I got my hair cut. I desperately needed it. My hair had not been cut since September and it was just in desperate need of a makeover. Normally, I get my hair done at my hairdresser's house and she only charges me $25. Not bad for a wash, cut and blow. Except, I couldn't get an appointment with her for awhile so I figured I would just go somewhere this time and then go back to her next time I need one. Well, I went to a place in my town recommended by the girl who works at the place where my dog gets groomed. I originally went on Thursday but did not realize it was prom that day so I had to go Friday. I got a sort of "bob" hair cut. And I almost fell over at the price...$50! I mean, maybe that is typical in salons but I couldn't believe it. I dont even think my prom hair cost me that much. Oh well. Once in a while you need that kind of hair cut. I got SOOO many compliments on it. My manager opened the door at work (we gotta ring a bell) and goes "OMG I love your hair!" The best part is I do not have to wear it up because it is super short and above my shoulders. Nice! And it seems pretty low maintenance. I'll take pictures later and show y'all.

And Friday was just super busy at work. Non-stop! And so was yesterday morning. No joke, I had to figure out how to put a party of 17 people together at one point. I've done it before but it was just not something I was expecting. And then no joke, 15 minutes after that party got sat, another came in and were 16. It was going to be an hour for them (at least) unless they wanted to sit on the patio. Then one of the little boys tried telling me they'd split up but there was no way that would work because they'd be NOWHERE near each other. So they decided to do the patio and I had to have my manager watch the front and seat other tables while I was outside setting it up. Those patio tables are HEAVY!! Luckily, one of my coworkers Lauren who was working takeout (I work in a restaurant) came out to help me. God bless her! I was super glad I did not have to work last night. Because...I get to work a double today! YAY for when I get that paycheck next week because it wil be super fat!

My brain was so fried yesterday...I asked off for July 6th for my niece's recital. It's a Wednesday night and usually I have not worked them but it is in my availability if they need it. Oh hey, I just realized that her recital is a week from this upcoming Wednesday and needed to ask off. I wake up this morning and realize I wrote July 8th as my request off on the form....and her recital is July 6th. Oh yeah, brain FRIED! I'll have to tell my manager today because I dont mind working that night (the 8th)....just need the 6th off! Ha ha, that is what I call special. I just love my job so much. I also want my new shirt to see if I get the bang bang shrimp one. HAHA.

I'm glad I got my summer bill for school straightened out. I went to the bursar's office and told them the online website would not work for accepting my refund. The woman could not understand why but took it there.Thank goodness...I was starting to get really annoyed. It can be bothersome when the little things that should not cause issues are the ones that do cause issues.

Last night we went out to dinner for my friend's birthday. I normally don't have a problem paying for someone but why should I have to fork out almost $60 when I tried to order the cheapest thing on the menu. Maybe part of it is because my friends don't do dinner for my birthday. Whatever. We went to a greek place in my town and I have learned...not that big of a fan of Greek food. Afterwards, we went to this one outside bar and it was $10 to get in! Such highway robbery. It was nice but on top of a beer costing $6 a piece and mixed drinks almost the same price as admission, I probably won't go there. But it was a nice celebration!

Time to go get ready for another fun-filled day at work!

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  1. 50 dollars is a lot for a hair cut. But at least you like it :) definitely need to post some pictures!

    Have a great week