Friday, June 3, 2011


TGIF! Even though I did not have my summer class on Monday, this week seemed to either drag by or fly by, depending upon the day. I never know why I am so thankful when it is the weekend....all I do is work! Haha.

Today I have to work from 5:30-10. Seriously, I love my job. I left my old job as a waitress in the Hamptons last year after Labor Day. I gave them six weeks notice I was leaving...haha what fool does that? This one! Well, while that money was good at some times (two summers ago I was able to pay for my MacBook Pro in CASH thanks to my tips), getting up at 5am to go wait tables til 4 was not my idea of a fun summer. My current job, we basically make our own schedules telling when we are available and when we aren't. I dont mind having to work til 9 or 10 (we close at 10 every night but Sundays) because I can still go out after. Added bonus is the earliest I have to be there is 11:30 or 12. Love it.

I am off to the outlets. I have a Coach coupon I want to abuse (30% off). Last time I was in there, I had a 30% off coupon and everything I bought was already 50% off. So I got $800/$900 worth of stuff for $200! And it was four items!

Plus, I want to try the Old Navy Outlet. From last summer til now I've lost like 30 lbs. Not really sure how but I love it. And people keep telling me I look great, so it is a nice boost in my confidence. However, all of my shorts and skirts are TOO BIG!! :) I need to go buy some new shorts!

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