Sunday, June 19, 2011

And the point would be...?

I don't mind taking summer classes. At a condensed version of a fall or spring class, usually there is less word. Usually being the key word. My summer class last summer was pretty easy. I mean, I thought I bombed the final because of the way she worded questions but score, I got an A- in the class! I'll take that.

I'm taking two classes and I am done on Thursday. Only one final in both. Thank goodness. So, can someone now tell me the point of why I have to do a thematic unit for 5 different subject areas when I will only be teaching Spanish? Since, hey, that's what I'll be certified in? I get that it is since I'm taking Special Education courses but seriously, is this necessary? I'm wasting a perfectly good Sunday before having to be at work at 5 where I could be at the beach? At least I already have the ELA one done and the Spanish one done (totally using one of the lessons I did for student teaching!). I'm in the middle of Health right now and will do two more soon. I think I deserve a steamy hot shower after I finish my health write-up to wake me up.

Yeah...pretty much just had to complain about it. Don't like it? Oh well.

Yesterday was slow at work. And when I say slow, I think at one point four or five tables came into the restaurant in the span of an hour. Usually it's double/triple it on a Saturday. Very weird. My coworker/friend Danielle and I ordered food (what we usually do on Monday nights) and stuffed our faces. LOVE it.

After work, I went back to Victoria Secret for the semi-annual sale. How can they sell bathing suits with only the bottom?! Or the top?! No joke. I found the bottom of one I really liked but there was no top. That's just absurd. And actually everything in the sale did not enthuse me. I ended up with more underwear. I'm sure at this point my underwear goes past 100. And yes..all from Victoria's Secret. I probably should get rid of some. Oh well.

And, I bought the perfume by this lovely lady from Sephora (mind you, the first time I've bought anything from that store). After the reviews of it smelling beachy and nice (and oh, the fact that she's my idol and I'd die to have her legs/body), I had to have it. Can't wait to wear it today!

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