Friday, December 6, 2013

{Five on Friday}

This week back to school after the break because of Thanksgiving has been brutal! Thank goodness it is the weekend and it is also PAY DAY!

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I am excited that today is technically a half day for me. I signed up for a professional development course at school for Advance Google Docs. I will technically be in the building but not in my classes, which is always nice! Plus I am with a bunch of the people from my department. I'm glad that the principal decided to approve me (my chair approved me right away) even though I am only the TA.

Today is my sweet goddaughter/niece Sara's 9th birthday!!! Seriously she is getting so old! I am so proud of this kid and the kind heart she has. She is such a big helper, SO SMART and I know she is going to do big things in life!

One day old
Her communion this past spring at 8 years old

My chairperson put my evaluation up earlier this week and I got all 4's & 5's, which is awesome! It was my unannounced informal evaluation and my 7th period 7th graders were GOLDEN. They're usually a chatty bunch. I just have to use more Spanish (they have a hard enough time understand the other teacher & I in ENGLISH haha) and take lead from my co-teacher, Cheryl. She looked at her's today and she also got an AWESOME one too saying she planned a great lesson that incorporated me, the TA, nicely. And can I just say how happy I am my boss did not lose this like they did last year?!

I was on my game this year and ordered my 2014 Erin Condren Life Planner. Seriously, so thrilled! I ordered it this early because I had a $20 off code from the company and it only cost me $30something. PLUS, they gave me another coupon code in the box when it came yesterday. I tweeted it to them and they pinned it on their pinterest board of fame here!

I am so excited I will be seeing this HOT man next year! I have to wait until SEPTEMBER 2014 because his concert next month at MSG sold out in 4 MINUTES! Amanda got tickets for & her cousin Brittney, Shannon and I. SOOOO excited to see Luke Bryan!

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