Saturday, December 7, 2013

A little of this...

...and a little of that! I only have two full weeks (10 days) of school left before we are off for two FULL glorious weeks! I may have requested on to work at CPK but at least I am not getting up at 5am!

On Friday, I got to participate in a professional development training called Google Docs advance at school. I almost didn't get to take it because its really for the teachers but the principal decided to approve me..yay! It was actually informative and I would use it as a way to communicate with students (all kids at my school have a google email address) and I actually did learn a lot. The Friday the week we come back from break, I am taking a SmartBoard one and I am super excited!

During the workshop, one of the teacher's mentioned K-Mart's Joe Boxer ad for Christmas. Have y'all seen it yet? I can't believe this made it on TV!! It's too funny and may be my favorite Christmas commercial to date! You can see it here (for some reason I have no idea how or why I cannot put videos or embedded stuff in my posts. Any help?!)

On Thursday, my sweet Lily got spayed. The poor thing looked so drugged when I picked her up. She just slept most of the night and in the 5 months we have had her, that was the first night she spent NOT sleeping in her crate. Now, she is back to her normal self. Explain to me how I am suppose to prevent her from jumping because she is like a 5 year old on a trampoline.

My poor brother Brian locked himself out of his car last night at work. I had just walked into the house and had to turn around to go get him. But his keys just went MIA. Seriously. We looked in his car (I brought him his padlock thingy) and I went to work early today and looked ALL over the office. They either fell into someone's bag at work and they didn't realize it or someone stole them (who would do that?!) in the path from his car to the restaurant. He is going to have to spend a lot of $$$ to get a new key so the moral of the story....make sure you ALWAYS have a spare key!!!

Tomorrow we are having a party to honor my grandma because she turns 90 this week! That is so crazy!! It is nice to have the day off from work. I am going to try and take Lily to go get her picture taken with Santa at the pet store (my mother thinks I am certifiably insane) and then we are having a late afternoon/early dinner party at the restaurant called The View. I may be taking down all the Christmas decorations myself. No one ever helps me decorate the house or tree. Eric just puts the lights up outside. If I don't do it tomorrow/throughout next week, Christmas is going to be here before we know it!!! So I am off to go clean the living room before I drag all the boxes out. Such a fun Saturday night!

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