Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas vacation has arrived!!

Oh the moment the bell rang yesterday at 2:10 signifying we were on Christmas break was the sweetest moment of all of Friday! Haha! I am not honestly sure who was more excited....the students or all the teachers! Inside our faculty lounge that I hang out in, we have a dry erase calendar board that we use to keep track of silly things (pay day, those faculty meetings, etc) and we actually have a countdown on it.

This week, I got somewhat of a surprise phone call on Tuesday. I was sitting in the faculty room during 4th period talking to one of my friends who subs there every so often and noticed I had a voicemail from an unrecognizable number. I listened to the message and it was from a high school that is in the next town over from where I live to come in for an interview in January!! I had completely applied for the leave replacement position on a whim a few weeks ago thinking "Oh they're never going to call me because it is on OLAS" (the system we have to use in NY to apply for jobs for some districts) and basically did it for fun. Let's face it, I had a inkling they weren't going to call because I have applied for over 30 jobs on that site and the only one that gave me a call was the district I now work in two months after I applied for a different position. I am excited for this interview but I am also scared too. We shall see what happens!

Who can honestly believe that this weekend is the weekend before Christmas? Also, what possessed me to work on Christmas Eve? There are only three servers working on Christmas eve. I actually did it because we aren't celebrating until Christmas Day at my aunt & uncle's house and my mom has to work so I figure "Why not?". One of my co-workers did me a favor switching their morning shift for my night shift next Friday because I have the dog trainer coming back. I also volunteered to watch my nieces & nephew for two days after New Years because my brother & sister-in-law don't have off from school. It's going to be a busy but hopefully PRODUCTIVE break (as in I will finally clean my room that has become a dumping ground for everything). I am excited we have a real tree this year (our artifical one has seen better days) and it was decorated by yours truly!

Last Saturday, I took Lily to meet Santa at Petco. I was that crazy lady. She had a little hat from the $ spot at Target but you can't really tell in the picture because I had to hold her. I want to make this a tradition every year. Look how cute Lily is!

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