Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone!!

Today I am linking up with Jamie to share what I'm loving on this chilly Wednesday in October! 

I'm loving that I feel comfortable/have found my niche in the school I am working in. I truly enjoy working with the teachers I work with and one of them told me today I am 100 times better than the girl I replaced (who got a leave replacement in another district). That made me feel so good!

I'm loving that Taylor Swift's album "Red" comes out next week!! Even though I've heard four or five songs from it already, I am driving straight to Target after school to buy it.

I'm loving that I am having brunch with two of my besties this weekend. With our hectic schedules, it'll be nice to catch up for a few hours!

I'm loving that I actually get a day off from school on November 12th! Off that day and then three days the week after...I can get through the next couple of 5 day weeks. I'll of course be celebrating that day off by going to the doctor's for an exam before I lose my insurance at the end of the month.

I'm loving that my birthday is in a few weeks! (1 month from tomorrow's date). I would really love a MK watch or gray Uggs I have been looking at for a few years.

I'm loving these pins lately from Pinterest:

I'm loving that next month, I get to see this lovely lady in concert!

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  1. So awesome to hear that you are feeling comfortable in your new school! That always makes going to work good and makes for a better work environment! I have seriously been dying over that MK rose gold watch for about a YEAR now. I begged hubby for it a few months ago and didn't get it. I settled for a Fossil rose gold watch (and it was cost efficient!) did you know that Fossil makes MK watches as well? They look almost identical and I get SO many compliments on it daily! I would love some uggs too (although, this 80 degree week is not very conducive to my desire to break out my riding boots!)