Tuesday, October 9, 2012

When words are not enough....

Words sometimes seem to never be enough. Or the right words in a situation don't seem to come naturally. You just *want* to say something...you're just not sure how, what to say, or even when to say it.

Last Thursday, my brother Brian went to hang out with his college friends at one of their houses. A bunch of guys that he lived with his last two years of school. Was it a joyous celebration? No. They came together to comfort one of their friends who lost their brother in a car accident. Alex, Brian's friend from college, had a brother who was in the Marines. I actually met him at their graduation in 2007. His brother was killed in a car accident in California because someone ran a red light. Something that happens nearly *every day* (don't deny you haven't ran a red light, we all have!) took away a precious family member. My brother went to the wake last night and he was saying how he did not know what to say or anything. I just kept saying the fact that he was there to comfort his friend is good enough. Sometimes knowing when people are there is all you need in a situation like this.

Many people in the blogging community are also praying/feeling for Julee Turner & her sweet baby girl Preslee Bell. Julee's husband Matt passed away unexpectedly on Saturday night in a car accident in Arkansas. The pain she is feeling is just unbearable, unimaginable, indescriable. No one plans to have this happen. No one wants this to happen. Their daughter was only 10 months old. She will grow up without ever knowing her father; only hearing stories about him and how much he loved her. My mom unexpectedly lost her husband one night 26 years ago and was forced to single parent four kids (with one on the way (me!) that she didn't know about). I must say, she did pretty darn good so I know in my heart that God will guide Julee to raise Preslee to become the individual and woman Matt hoped she would be.

Please pray for these families. I honestly cannot imagine the pain they are going through. Hug your loved ones. Tell them how much you love them. Laugh with them. Cry with them. Enjoy your time with them. Because in the blink of an eye, our worlds can change and they may be gone tomorrow.


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  1. Prayers your way, I know exactly what car accident you are talking about. It happened where I live.