Monday, October 1, 2012

The joys of being an Aunt

With my niece's accident this weekend (gracias a Dios that she is okay!), it got me thinking to how fortunate I am to be her aunt. I was a senior in high school when she was born and was at the hospital with my mom & my SIL's parents & her brother John for her arrival. Sara is 7 years old (will be 8 in December) and just so full of life! She is so funny yet has a sweet gentle soul. In 2006, I was blessed again to be an aunt when my nephew Steven Louis was born. And in 2009, I was blessed again to be named "Aunt Kistin" (as Sara and Steven called me at that point) when my niece Emma Grace was born.

Her first birthday

Steven's first Christmas (2006) 

 My munchkin

Steven's first Easter

Sara & I {Easter 2007)

Such hams!

Sweet face!

Sara's dance recital 2009!

Emma Grace & I {July 2009}

Easter 2010 - Auntie status

Such a pretty girl! 

As we call her, Whippity!

Disney 2011 {Hollywood Stuidos}

Disney 2011 {Animal Kingdom}

Disney 2011 {Epcot}

Summer 2012 {Dance Recital}

The love I have for these three kids is just beyond measurable. My brother {their father} said I am probably one of the best godparents/aunts out there because I have tried to make it to all their important events in life. Preschool graduation, dance recitals. I remember each birthday and christening. I just enjoy being a part of these kids lives. I am so blessed to be their aunt and cannot wait to see the people they grow up to be! 


  1. What a sweet auntie you are! I just posted a few weeks ago ...called little angels about my niece and nephew. Being an aunt is awesome!!!!

  2. Isn't being an Aunt just the best thing ever??? I LOVE my nieces and nephews to death!!!