Thursday, October 18, 2012

{It's Okay Thursday}

Linking up for another one of my favorites today with Amber & Neely!

It's Okay...

...that I am excited about not hosting at all next weekend and just doing takeout shifts. SCORE. 

...that I am looking forward to watch Beauty & The Beast with the kids tomorrow during Periods 1 & 5 because that teacher is at a conference. And it happens after their quiz.

...that Wal-Greens is selling Taylor Swift merchandise. I may or may not have bought a shirt from there tonight. May being the operative word. HAHA.

...that I am also ridiculously excited for her album on Monday. Sad story for a 25 year old! need to clean my room and closet yet it is still a GIANT mess. I really need to do it at some point. be excited about wearing jeans with a college shirt tomorrow to work for College Week! SCORE! not want to dress up for Halloween. Honestly, it is not my favorite holiday. love office supplies. I swear I have more pens then I know what to do with! cry at how much gas costs. It's so high in NY. Gross. honestly want to stay in this weekend and do laundry. SO OLD. What is wrong with me? 


  1. Jealous that you get to watch Beauty and the Beast!! I wish I could play that in my classroom! I am soo excited for Taylor Swift's new album too! When you get it, let me know how it is!! Jealous of your college week too, because even when it's college week at our school, we still can't wear tee shirts (unless we have a collared shirt underneath and I can tell you that that is not attractive under a fitted tee!) I looove pens too! I think it's a teacher thing for me though. I especially like colored ball point pens! Can never have enough of them!

  2. my closet/whole house is a huge mess, too... i am working on getting the laundry caught up now, but who knows when i'll actually get around to organizing and really cleaning everything!