Saturday, October 13, 2012

And all that jazz

It is officially fall, y'all!! I have broken out my North Face fleece because it was FREEZING yesterday. I was shivering as I walked into school in the morning. And it doesn't help that the school has central AC (okay, it will in the spring/June when it gets hot out) that is still on in the teacher's lounge. I just can't wrap my head around the fact that people are still wearing flipflops and shorts! And they wonder why they're sick....

I haven't really had an official "first full week" at school yet because my first week was only two days and this past week, we had Monday off for Columbus Day. So next week will be my first full week. I have to say, I really like it. I don't do lesson planning but I am involved with the teaching. Yesterday was kind of an easy day. First period, they just had to do vocab. 4th period, we just reviewed time. 5th period, they made a weather book. 7th-9th they took quizzes. I am really suppose to make sure all the kids with IEPs and 504s get their accomodations. I am still trying to read through all of them and my heart just breaks for some of these kids. They don't get to be exempt from foreign language class and in some cases, they should be. I've got all kinds of kids in my 6 classes, including a few on the Autistic Spectrum. One of the kids in 7th period is very shy in class and doesn't really volunteer that often (and when he does, I wish the teacher called on him instead of the same kids that always raise their hands). But when we were walking back from the library after he finished his quiz, he started talking to me and it just made me feel SO GOOD. Kind of hard to describe but when you see the kid start to open up and trust you, it's just such an AWESOME feeling.

The kids are also really polite (for the most part that I have seen). Also in 7th period, I have an 8th grader in the class who struggles with speaking English. The little guy in front of him always turns around and tells him what to do if he is lost, helps him copy his homework down. The other day when he was finishing the test, the kids in front copied the vocab he missed when he was out of the room. Bestill my heart! 

I also got my first paycheck yesterday and I was excited....except all the deductions always make me sick, ha ha! Plus, most of it is going to paying my rent to my mom/my car insurance/etc. Ugh, I guess with being 26 next month is REALLY is time to grow up. My salary isn't nearly what I would be making as a teacher but hey, it is a start and that's what is important. Sometime soon I will hopefully have my own classroom!!!

Sidenote: I just spent $86 on soap dispensers for my job at the restaurant this morning at Bed, Bath and Beyond. $86!!! The ones we were originally buying were $15.99 each (about three weeks ago I bought 3 of those for $52) but people kept breaking the spout on them or stealing them. Yes, stealing a soap dispenser. What the hell is wrong with people?! The ones I bought today are kind of hard to break the spout on but I am certain someone will steal it. Such cheapskates in this world.

Otherwise, I have nothing really exciting to report in my life. I am just go-go-go. I think the next time I get to relax is Thanksgiving break and trust me, that'll be wonderful! 

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  1. I seriously applaud you for making sure that all your kiddies get their IEP's and 504's (I seriously think some of my kiddos are never ending.. and the meetings? Oh my goodness, one I sat in last year lasted OVER TWO HOURS! AHHH!)

    I can not believe people break and steal the soap dispensers. Some people are seriously crazy and ridiculous these days! But seriously, you spend $86 on SOAP DISPENSERS?