Saturday, October 6, 2012

Teacher Status, y'all.

I feel somewhat elated that it is a three day weekend after being in the school for only two days, ha ha! I think it is hilarious that teachers get as excited as the students do about when there is no school. 

So, Thursday was my first day at the school. I got my schedule and went off on my merry way. It felt odd that they really didn't give me any instructions as to what I was really suppose to be doing. I work with a total of 4 teachers. Two of the teachers I am with for two or more periods. I work first period and then see this teacher again 5th & on 8A days. I also work with another teacher fourth period, one 7th period & 8B days and another one 9th. I have 7th & 8th grade students...oddly enough the age that I REALLY want to work with! Most people think I am nuts but this is the age I did all my student teaching in and I just like them. 

It was a bit of an odd first two days because the 7th grade classes were on field trips (depending on what team they were on) so yesterday, my 9th period class had 3 kids in it! Apparently, there are also no "clear-cut" instructions as to what I am to do with the really depends on what the teachers want me to do as my 4th period teacher told me. Some teachers have TAs sit in the back of the room, some just have them grade, some have them get involved in the curriculum and that is what I hope to do! I can work with the other kids in the class in addition to those who have IEPs/504s but when it comes to testing, I take the kids out and give them their accommodations. I still need to get my log in info from the tech people at school (it wasn't set up yet as of yesterday) so I can access all the teaching sites (SchoolTool, My learning plan, IEP direct), etc. 

I am sure I will be able to learn more as I go along throughout the school year.I am really excited that I was given this opportunity. Teaching jobs are so hard to find, especially in New York. Anything that gets me involved in working in & with the curriculum, in a school setting is a stepping stone to the future. I can't wait to learn more about these kids! Hopefully I'll enjoy working here.

There is one thing I don't like...getting up at 530am every day! HAHA! 

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