Sunday, October 7, 2012

Weekend Recap

I cannot believe the weekend is over! Thankfully, we have off from school tomorrow because of Columbus Day. I am excited to sleep in...however, Tuesday will probably be brutal getting up,ha ha. 

Friday night, I came home, changed, and then went straight to work. It was not as super busy as last night was but decent. Then I had drinks with Amanda, which was so nice to catch up. It's really funny that we're such good friends now because we weren't when we were younger....because I apparently "hated" her as she said (I really was just scared of her!! HAHA) . We became friendly when we were in 11th grade, oddly enough. It's hard with such busy schedules to meet up but when we are able to, it is always a good time!!

I slept in on Saturday and it felt GLORIOUS!! I have a feeling I am going to love doing that more often now on the weekends. I figure if I had to get up this early all last spring for student teaching, I can do it now. My SIL tells me that your body becomes used to it after awhile so I hope that is true....because I really love my sleep! I did not have a fun night at work, ha ha! Who doesn't love going into work and finding out the phones are ringing non-stop so don't hang up the lines that are on hold, credit cards are being processed off-line, the call center is being taken off, etc? ME! Ha, it was a fun night for all.

Today, my cousin David & his wife Stephanie had their twin daughters Adeline Quinn & Charlotte Baily christened! My brother Mark & SIL Laurie are the godparents to Adeline and Steph's cousin & oldest brother are Charlotte's godparents. The twins were so happy during the ceremony!! Just like their older sister Elliot was when she was christened. We went back to their house afterwards and Stephanie had made a pumpkin dip from a recipe she pinned on Pinterest! Oh my heavens it was so delicious!!! I just have to find the pin on her board so I can make it myself. :)

Overall, it was kind of a boring yet busy weekend. I am looking forward to getting my hair cut tomorrow and cleaning my closet. Plus, I think I need to make a stop at Old Navy. I want a few more pairs of dress pants from there because it is difficult dressing for work 5 days a week and not knowing what to wear!! Any other teachers have this problem? 

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