Sunday, October 28, 2012

To my sister (in-law)

My SIL does not read my blog (actually none of my family does) but I just felt the need to write this..

To my wonderful sister (in-law)....

Not many people can say they have pretty much grown up their entire life knowing their sister-in-law. I am one of those lucky people who can say they have! I have known you since I was 6 years old. I will be 26 next month. 20 years of knowing you. How you've managed to put up with my brother for 20 years I'll never know. :-P

You have always been more like a sister to me then a sister-in-law. Neither of us had sisters growing up (she is the only girl with 3 brothers; I have 4 brothers). I remember your parents coming to my first Holy communion. Christmas mornings when we'd all give you stuff from Bath & Body Works. (When she was dating my brother long-distance and would come down for the weekend, she used to spend like 2 hours getting ready and the bathroom ALWAYS smelled so good after!). 

I remember going up to Mahopac Farms near your parents' house to visit it and the memories from that trip. I remember your brown car, the one you affectionately called a Piece-Of-Sugar Honey Iced Tea. You remember my obsession with the game Mall Sweep (I think thats what it was called) and how I loved the credit card swipe thing (haha we learn young!).

I remember the day my brother told us he was going to propose to you. I remember the day he took my mom to have her advice on your ring. I remember hearing about the phone call after it happened and we were soooo excited (even though we all already knew!). I remember your wedding day. Who can forget?! Limos getting lost, losing power, peeing by a flashlight, the hurricane lamp exploding. Or my dress that the bridal shop ordered in a size 18 when I was 13 years old and you could fit TWO of me in it. (Good riddance to them that they burned down after the wedding). 

I remember the time you told us you were first pregnant. I couldn't wait to be an aunt! The day you asked me to be a godmother to Sara was one of the best days. I remember the second time you announced you were pregnant. And the third. You are an amazing mother to my wonderful nieces and nephew. I wouldn't chose anyone else to be their mother or my brother's wife. 

You've always been there for me. You took me to look at colleges. When I broke my foot, you took me out to the movies to cheer me up (and also because my brother was out drinking). You have always been so supportive of me with anything I have ever set out to do. Whenever I ask advice, you give me your honest opinion. We share an odd sense of humor.

I am so honored and blessed to have you in my life. You're the sister I never had and always wanted. Happy 40th birthday to you, Laurie! May the next 40 be as awesome as the first! :)

Us in Disney August 2011

With my niece Sara in Disney in August 2011

The only character she wanted to see

With my mom

The baby of her babies. She's such a good mother!

The first of her babies. :)


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