Thursday, September 27, 2012

{it's okay thursday}

Happy Thursday everyone! Who can believe it is almost the weekend again?! 

Link up with Neely & Amber to share what is okay with you!

IT'S OKAY.......

...that i sometimes enjoy coming home and being by myself. I love me time.

...that I am excited to start working in a classroom again next week!

...that I bought two pairs of dress pants, a shirt, and earrings at Kohls for $50+ thanks to my 30% off. Gotta love Kohl's!!!

...that they hired another host at work...hopefully she doesn't quit! (They totally needed to because no one can work during the weekdays now). I just hope they still give me a fair amount of shifts! 

...that I can go from zero to p.o.ed  in .25 seconds. Sometimes I can be pissed off for the stupidest reason and then feel dumb immediately after. Something to be worked on...

...that I want to go to Ulta tomorrow just to buy new nail polish for when I get a manicure friday. I have a problem.

...the way to my heart is PUPPIES!!

...that sometimes I'd rather take a nap then hang out with people. #ijustlovesleep. treat yourself to a pumpkin spice frap when you're having a bad day. be excited to start your new job in a week!!

...that I need to go buy jeans...all my jeans are too big in the waist and sagging in the butt area. I hate pants shopping!

...that I want to move out on my own but I am scared to do it. And I am scared of losing ties with my friends. be scared of growing up. Reality blows. have an addiction buying nail polish. I did not just buy two new colors at Ulta today...kidding, I did. be grateful for your friends because you know no matter where they move (or you move), you'll always have each other! have flipped off the bus driver behind me today for honking at me to turn when I couldn't turn because there was a car in front of me! 


  1. Growing up is not all its cracked up to be. Reality does blow sometimes.

  2. I love my me time too...nothing wrong with wanting to be alone.

  3. Growing up is just annoying. Sometimes I wonder what we were complaining about when we were kids...

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