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I was recently contacted by and asked me if I would be interested in partnering with them. I thought that it was a great opportunity! They are generously offering $50 towards textbooks for a reader in return for my post on renting textbooks/saving money in college/etc. I know many of you are in college or may have friends in college, or might be in grad school. so I thought this would be a great opportunity!

I remember when I went off to college, people told me to enjoy every minute of the four years. They claimed it to be "the best four years of your life" and said before you knew it, you would be graduating. Boy were they right!! The one thing they never mention is the PRICE of books! 

I always tried to find my books the cheapest way possible in college because it was coming out of MY bank account! I would "stalk" the school bookstore's website for when the books were posted and wrote down the title, author, ISBN and the edition. Then, I plugged it into Amazon, B&N,,, etc to find it cheaper. The only books I didn't mind buying brand new (even if I couldn't get super cheap) were my Spanish books because it was for my major and I liked marking them up. I couldn't stand that some books would cost $150 and when you tried to sell it back, they'd give you $10! SUCH A RIP OFF!!

In my last few classes in grad school, I rented books and it was a great decision! I figured I'd rent them because they were books I didn't plan on keeping for my career and it'd cost me a FRACTION of the price to buy them. I was diligent (or nerdy) in finding where i could rent them the cheapest. I was able to rent them for $30-$50 LESS than the price of the USED copy at the bookstore! 

Here's an example: Assessment of Child and Youth on the CampusBookRentals website is one of the books I needed for one of my special education classes. On my college website, it is listed available as a rental for $67.65, $103.10 used, $137.45 new. What is it as a rental on the website? $31.12 for the SEMESTER! It is half the price of the rental at my college's bookstore! You're saving half the price and can put the money you save towards something useful! 

Renting books in college is a great way to save money. One semester you could spend $400 or more on books and the following semester you could spend maybe $150 renting them. What would you do with the saved money? Put it towards maybe a trip home, spring break, the nights you want to go out to dinner with friends, etc. Renting books is a definite way to save money. Other ways you can save money: go "grocery shopping" when you're at home (I used to bring back bags of food like popcorn, granola bars, cereal, soups for when I didn't feel like eating the food in the dining hall), take advantage of student discounts (places like The Loft, J.Crew give student discounts), any free trips your college offers - participate!

SO! Since I know there are few of you ladies in college or grad school, I would love to give you $50 towards your books for next semester thanks to! How can you be entered in this giveaway? 

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I hope you lovely readers enter! 

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