Wednesday, September 26, 2012

{WILW - Happy fall!}

Happy Wednesday, everyone! And this is now officially fall! There's a breeze in the air, the leaves are falling, and it's comfortable sweatshirt weather. 

Today I am linking up with the lovely Jamie to share what I am loving! 

I'm loving that I got a *PROMOTION* in a sense from the school district I will be working in. They want to move me from a permanent Spanish sub to the Spanish TA for the special education kids!! It is primarily the age group I want to work in (7th & 8th grade) and its more involved in the curriculum/instruction! I still start October 4th so I am excited!

I'm loving that Sean Lowe is the next bachelor!! Part of me can't believe it is going into it's 17th season (say what?!) but I am SUPER excited he was chosen. I fell in love (haha) with him on Emily's season of The Bachelorette so I hope he can find his true soulmate. He is the type of man I hope to marry! Plus, it doesn't hurt that he is HOT.

I'm loving that Law & Order SVU returns tonight and Grey's Anatomy returns tomorrow! Yay for fall TV!

I'm loving this scent from Bath & Body Works. I have enough lotion from there as well as hand sanitizer to last me probably for the next 3 years but it was just so perfect for fall that I had to get it!

I'm loving Taylor Swift's new single "Begin Again" from her album "Red" out on 10/22 (do I really need to wait that much longer?! It seems forever away). Then again, what T-Swift song do I not love? I've already informed my friend Shannon we are seeing her in concert on her next tour, no questions asked.

I'm loving that as much as I don't want to go to the gym, I always leave feeling better and usually sleep well that night. I plan on going to the gym after stopping at the mall today to look for new clothes!

I'm loving these pins from Pinterest (one of these days I'll learn the correct way to share them on the blog so it shows "via" on the bottom but for now, deal with it this way! :))


  1. A friend of mine form high school will be one of the girls on Sean's bachelor! Fun, right??

  2. When your in pinterest click on the pin you want to share and on the top rightish corner there will be an "embed" button, copy the code in there and paste it into your blog post and you will get the pin with the "via" in your blog post :-)

  3. I really want to see Taylor in concecty so bad. Especially with this new album she has! I love those OPI colors too, that dark purple one is really pretty!

  4. Love Sean too and all the fall scents from B&BW - they get me every time I got in that store!!