Sunday, September 9, 2012

Pound the alarm

Literally. Apparently they were having an issue with the fire alarms at work today. I was suppose to work takeout at 4 but my brother texted me and said to call before I went in because we may have to close for the night. He went in for his shift around 1 and apparently it happened then. Every 10-15 minutes it was going off! Oh my gosh I am so so so happy I was not there!! I cannot imagine how annoying that sound was. 

So, my unexpected night off made me productive!! I did a little research on the school district where I have my interview on Wednesday, vacuumed my carpet (oh my, it was BADLY needed), dusted my room, paid some bills. Sometimes you just need nights at home. I don't get why guys can't understand that! LOL. 

Friday night after work, I went to a comedy show at McGuire's Comedy Club. I actually went there after my senior prom 7 years ago. My friend Shannon's cousin was performing so we went. There were a bunch of people performing and it was hilarious!! I had a good time. I will say this though - I walked into pure chaos on Saturday morning at work. We have kids birthday parties and they usually only do two per day. Sometimes they get overbooked and there's 3....well I walked in to 60 screaming kids, parents, and they cleaned the carpets so it was chaos. I was never so glad for when they left, ha! And I somehow managed to get my elbow stuck in a highchair on my evening shift. When I told my manager Mel, she just burst out laughing. I literally am a walking disaster!

Tomorrow I was suppose to work the night shift but since it is my brother Eric's birthday, I switched with Christine to work the morning (a short 3 hours!) so we can go out to dinner tomorrow night. Hopefully Christine remembers and shows up tomorrow night!! Ha ha. That is always my big fear when you dont do it on hotschedules.

I do have an interview this week for a permanent sub position. I don't want to get my hopes up too high or at all. I have no idea what kinds of questions the principal of the school will ask, if they will be in Spanish, etc. I have researched about the school (their mission statement, etc) so at least I am prepared on that front. But here's to hoping it goes well on Wednesday!

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