Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Misc Tidbits

-I feel like everyone under the sun around me is getting engaged. This may be an exaggeration but seriously. At least 10 people from my graduating class in high school have gotten married. A handful of them have popped out a kid (or two) since. One girl who I used to be best friends with when we were younger got engaged over Christmas. Another couple I went to high school with (oddly enough I had a crush on him in middle school) just got engaged....that was only a matter of time. But seriously, I feel like everyone is getting engaged! Kudos to them for knowing who they want to spend the rest of their life with and I am happy for everyone. As much as I love weddings and cannot wait to get married, I refuse to get married to the wrong person. The time will come for me when it is right. 

-I am SUPER excited about my permanent sub job! I feel lucky I got it after only going on two interviews. I swore this district lost my resume. I have to call the secretary tomorrow and talk to her about things. I cannot start until I am approved by the Board of Ed and they have a meeting tomorrow night. So if it is not tomorrow night, then it's after their October 3rd meeting. I just have no idea what to expect. Anyone have any tips about subbing?! 

-I am still keeping my job at CPK, just cutting away my availability of weekday mornings. I am going to have my availability be Monday night, Wednesday night, Friday night, all day Saturday and all day Sunday...just like it was last year when I was student teaching. I need to pay off as much of my student loans as possible so it'll be nice to have some extra pocket cash. I may go crazy because I also have my tutoring job (only two hours a week) so let's see how long it takes before I crash & burn!

-Sometimes I feel annoyed that my boyfriend wants me to spend every single night I am not at work with him. That's probably horrible of me to say but sometimes I just need to BE BY MYSELF! 

-I am not kidding you when I say that I am addicted to buying nail polish. I usually buy OPI or Essie...more Essie than OPI. Every time I am in Target, I browse the nail polish. I blame it all on my mom for taking me to get my nails done a few years ago and i have been getting them done (tips) ever since. It only fueled my nail polish addiction. I wish they made Essie coupons! At least I can use 20% off coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond on them! 

-I probably should mail my voter registration papers in so I could *possibly* vote in the election in November. I registered when I was in high school but when I was voting in the 08 election, my college messed up and changed my voter registration address to there and I never changed it back. Then again, I don't care about politics enough (I probably should!) so will I even vote?

-I am really excited to see this movie, Won't Back Down. Call me a teacher or a nerd but it looks SO GOOD! 

-I just made a to do list and actually put "do laundry" and "clean room" on it. What an exciting two days off I am going to have!

-I need to buy new dress pants if I am going to have to be dressing up 5 days a week for the permanent sub job. All my pants I wore last year during student teaching were too long and now possibly too big from going to the gym so I need new ones. Where is your favorite place to buy dress pants? 

-I am legit sad that Dance Moms is over for the season. However, I am excited for the "reunion" show they are doing and for Abby's Ultimate Dance Off that starts October 9th. 


  1. Everyone is getting engaged around me also!

  2. New York & Company has great dress pants and they come in multiple lengths too.