Monday, September 10, 2012

Double Celebration!

In my family, we have a lot of birthdays that are close together. In the month of September, there is my cousin Lisa, my brother Eric, my nephew Steven, and my grandpa (who passed away on my 17th birthday). In October, it's my SIL. In November, my brother & I. In December, my niece Sara, my grandma, my cousin Michael and my Uncle Bill. It's like the party never stops!

But today is my brother Eric's 31st birthday! Wow, he is OLD! He would be the first person to defend me/battle for me if needed if a guy ever hurt me. He is the only one of my mom's kids that somehow managed up with red hair and lots of freckles. I am the first person he comes to for help because he knows I eventually will cave and help him. He may be driving me crazy lately because he has no car right now and wants to borrow mine all the time but deep down, despite how much he annoys me, I love him because he's my brother. Happy birthday bro!! I hope this upcoming year is filled with a new car that doesn't crap out on you (his last one was a lemon!), your job starts, and everything you want. I only want the best for you!

My senior prom 7 years ago! 

Tomorrow is my nephew Steven's 6th birthday (he's also Eric's godson). I still remember the day he was born. My SIL was suppose to have a c-section on September 12th but he decided he wanted to come early. I was a sophomore in college and my mom called me before one of my classes to tell me that my SIL was going to the hospital. An hour and 15 minutes later when I got out, I had another call telling me I had a nephew. Despite everything he went through right after he was born with being in the NICU and all, he is one fierce little guy! My mom has always called him Stevie Wonder, ha ha! Happy birthday little guy! So proud to be your aunt!

Disney Trip last summer...he cracks me up! 

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