Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Happy Wednesday everyone!! I hope you are all having a wonderful day.

Time for another one of my favorite link ups! Link up with Jamie to share What You're Loving this week! 

I'm loving that I had an interview this morning! It was for a permanent sub position and I think it went well. Here's to hoping it's a foot in the door!

I'm loving that the carpets are being installed in my brothers' rooms tomorrow so all the stuff in the living room can go back in their rooms and we can get rid of stuff. Oh my word the chaos is driving me nuts!

I'm loving Dance Moms! I am addicted to this show and the finale last night was awesome. I loved Chloe's solo and I can't wait for Abby's Ultimate Dance Off for the $100,000 Joffrey Ballet Scholarship!

I'm loving that one of my sweet friends from college, Cara, is expecting her first baby with her husband! She was a senior when I started and I met her because she was friends with my RA (who lived in my sweet). She is such a sweet individual and I am so happy for her even though I haven't seen her in years!

I'm loving Taylor Swift's new song "Ronan" which is about a boy who lost his battle to cancer. It's part of the "Stand up to cancer" campaign. You need to listen to it! 

I'm loving that Glee starts tomorrow! I thought it wasn't coming back for two more weeks but I just saw a preview while watching TV. SO EXCITED!

What are you loving this week? 


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