Tuesday, September 11, 2012

11 years later...

Who can hardly believe that 9/11/01 happened 11 years ago? Do you remember where you were that ill-fated day when you heard the news?

I was a freshmen in highschool and my brother Brian was a junior. Somehow we managed to miss the bus (it was right across the street from our house) so my mom had to drive us. As we were probably 2-3 minutes away from the school, we sat at the train tracks waiting for the train to pass. I just had a feeling in me that something bad was going to happen that day. Creepy, right?

I went about my day...first went to Spanish class (I think) and then my global history class was second period. My teacher's husband was a firefighter in the city. At the end of 2nd period, they always did announcements and they were kind of short. One of the security guards came in and I heard something about the towers being attacked on his walkie talkie. Then, the hallways were like a rumor mill. It wasn't until 4th period, gym class, when one of the gym teachers came in with a note from the principal and told us all what happened. After that, school that day became a blur. In every class, we just sat dumbfounded. Some teachers tried to keep with a normal routine and teach but it just wasn't working. 

My family doesn't work in NYC but we live not too far from it (on Long Island). Many LIers commute daily. My next door neighbor & her son (who is my brother's best friend) both worked there and were able to meet on the Brooklyn Bridge... both unharmed. My brother Eric's friend's sister lost her fiance in one of the Towers. That was the only person we knew of who perished.

But here we are, 11 years later. And we will never forget. Many questions/reasons remain unsolved. Many loved ones still hurting. Many memories lost forever. But a big thanks to all the firefighters, EMTs, police officers, military who responded that day and since to fight to keep us safe. We will never forget.

But on a lighter note, 6 years ago today, part of this dark day was washed away and made brighter by the arrival of my nephew Steven. He wasn't due until the 16th but couldn't wait anymore. Thank you little man for bringing a glimpse of brightness back into this day. I am so proud to be your aunt and know you will do great things this year in 1st grade & football! 

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