Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy 4th of July Weekend!

Happy 4th of July Weekend, everyone! I hope y'all have some sort of fun planned for the weekend. I am working this morning at 11:30-5 and then tomorrow night. My job considers this to be a "slow" weekend in comparison to others. So lets hope it is not torture! Ha ha! And to top it off, my job is closing early on Monday at 4 and I usually work the night shift on Monday so happy 4th of July to me, I don't have to work! :) I seriously cannot remember the last time I did not have to work on the 4th of July. After tomorrow night, I don't work again til Friday night. What will I ever do with myself? :)

My poor doggie. I took her to the vet the other day and she had to get shots along with bloodwork. She has some sort of growth on her right front paw and they think she might need surgery to have it removed. The poor dog! She is considered "my" dog in the family because when we first got her, she would not leave my side/leave me alone. She's such a cutie I'll hate it if she has to have surgery and something goes wrong.

Also, I have been watching "Beethoven's 2nd" as i am watching this and the ASPCA commercial has been on a lot lately. A) That commercial makes me cry. B) It makes me want to adopt every single dog on the commercial. It's so sad! I seriously am much more of a dog person than a cat person. And the way to my heart is essentially with a puppy. A guy could win me over with a puppy....and a diamond ring. ;)

And the best part, I got a new phone!! The scroll on my blackberry stopped working for some reason on Wednesday night. I took it to Verizon and of course, it was not under warranty since it was over a year old or whatever. So, the only way to get it fixed was to take the upgrade on my mom's number (since I'm on her plan). I got a fuchsia Blackberry since they no longer make my purple one and it was $ the $50 mail in rebate equals FREE!!! Oh I am super happy. I'm debating if I want to put a privacy screen back on it so no one can see what I'm texting if they were standing next to me (it was always nice).

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  1. yay for a new phone! :) I want one so bad but I can't afford one right now so I'm dealing.