Thursday, July 28, 2011


I really love this link up. Who doesn't love a little vent session about things? Or speaking your mind about things that make you go SERIOUSLY?! Link up with Becky @ From Mrs. to Mama for Seriously Thursday!

Seriously?! people REALLY need to drive UP my butt when there's traffic in front of me? Maybe it is my visual perception problem but driving up my butt when I'm already speeding a bit {guilty of having a lead foot} and really can't move is NOT going to make me go any faster. In fact, you'll just tick me off and make me want to go slower. So deal. Also, people need to learn to drive in general....know when you need to make a turn! I can't tell you how many times today when I was paying attention while driving and the car in front of me slammed on its brakes causing me to because the one in front of it decided at the last minute to make a turn. PAY ATTENTION!

Seriously?!'re asking me to cover your shift to go see a baby? I don't mind working for people if I don't have anything going on. Hence the reason why I picked up someone's shift Tuesday morning and worked from last Fri-last night. One of my coworkers asked if I would work her morning shift tomorrow {fri} and she'd work my night shift. That TOTALLY works out in my favor because I can go to my friend's mom's party I was invited to when it starts. Then I see I have a message from another coworker asking if I'd work sat morning instead of sat night so she can go see her cousin's baby. I'm sorry but no. May sound a little mean but you don't HAVE to be there when the baby is born...just go after. I just hate being the person everyone ALWAYS asks to work.

Seriously?!...thanks Apple for working your magic today and helping me fix my computer. Turns out my charger was ripping and needed a new one. Thanks for making me wait about 10 mins after my scheduled appt but seriously loving my charger was covered by my warranty.

Seriously?!...I still haven't paid the rest of my summer bill. WTF is my problem? Oh hey, August 1st my fall bill is due and my financial aid hasn't been submitted. Yeah no joke I am so far behind on the bandwagon this semester/summer it's not funny. Apparently I'm not the only one according to my friend Amanda. I really need to do it so I can get my diploma! I want that paper I earned!

Seriously?! excited to be going to my friend Ashley's wedding in Nov! I found out today she's inviting me and our friend Pedro so I can't wait! I have an idea of a dress I have at home from White House Black Market that I will wear if I can find a shawl or something to go over it. It's at a vineyard but indoors but i still wanna be cute while being warm. I love weddings. Can someone else I know and love get married?...aside from the people from hs who I don't like that keep getting hitched.

Seriously?!...i hope the next person who is "the bachelor" or "the bachelorette" has a more interesting show/season than this one of the bachelorette. it has been LAME-O central! and i used to be addicted to watching that. seriously?!

Seriously?!..only a few more days til the Britney Spears concert!! Then a week til vacation! HOLLA! I seriously need to get my tan on!

Seriously?!...I am over Amy Winehouse's death. Yeah it was sad. Was it coming? Yes. Before you know it, it's gonna happen to someone else, like LiLo. Get your lives together people.

Okay, for realz going to bed. I need to sleep in soon since I was going to tomorrow and now I am working at 11:30 so that'll happen....yeah on SUNDAY. Or maybe Saturday because tomorrow I am going to partaaaaaaayyyy with some friends.Sweet deal!


  1. Hey! I found you through todays linkup. Cute blog! I love your list :-)

  2. I could not agree more about the drivers!! If there are cars in front of me, driving right on MY bumper will not make THEM move any faster...sorry haha