Monday, July 18, 2011

{rain rain go away}

Holy downpour today! It has been nasty hot & humid in NY lately. We were overdue for some rain. Well, we got it! I walked into work and it was still hot out and in about 45 mins-an hour later, it DOWNPOURED. I mean, like it was raining cats & dogs. So, we ended up being busy which is good because I need $$ like there's no tomorrow.

My brother is starting to get on my nerves. His car has been broke for what feels like an ETERNITY so he wants to have it repaired & sell it. Therefore, he is carless and depending upon other people for rides & a car to borrow every now and then. I dont mind driving him to work if I'm going to work because its about 5-10 (at max with traffic) from my job. But this is getting to be ridiculous! I feel like he is using me for my car. I just let him borrow it to go pick someone up and screamed at him if he did not put gas in my car (because I only filled it up friday, it's already almost at 1/4 a tank left), I would punch him. Normally, I am not a violent person but this is getting to be ridiculous. Why should a 29-yr-old have to depend upon a 24-yr-old sibling? I know I know, you should help your siblings out and believe me, I HAVE. I just tend to have a short fuse when I feel like I am getting used for things. Considering gas is getting to be almost $4.00+ a gallon in NY, I am not filling my car up so my brother can go pick up his basketball people and drive them to & from Timbucktoo. Part of me wishes I lived in another state at this point, haha (kidding). I am praying to GOD he gets his car/a new one SOON. When I go to Florida, I plan on taking my car keys so he can figure out his own way of getting around. Sorry, I'm just getting tired of feeling like a taxi service. /end of rant/vent now.

Saturday was my CST test. I had to be there at 745am....which required me waking up at 6am. On a Saturday. Not my cup of tea! I got to the building....except I was in the wrong one. Guess I should have looked at my admission ticket a little closer. Oh well. I got there and then we had to wait. Went in, went to the room and oh hey, waited some more! The CST for Spanish had a listening, reading, writing & speaking part. You technically have 4 hrs for the exam. So we started at 8:30 and could have til 12:20 to do the listening (well they only did that once), reading and writing. They said to allow for 10 minutes for the speaking. The listening section was not that bad. The reading consisted of grammar questions along with culture. Well, let's just say the culture probably brutalized me! AWESOME...NOT! My speaking task was about a broken plate which was not too bad. Overall, most people were on their second or third time taking it so I don't expect that I passed. Hopefully I can just learn from this and move on.

Two weeks from tomorrow I will be seeing Ms.Britney Spears in concert and I am super excited! I could careless about Nicki Minaj opening for her, which by the way I think is the ODDEST opener for her ever. I mean, last time I saw her perform, Jordin Sparks opened...muc better!

I'm also planning a surprise party for my friend Shannon. She's the one coming with me to Britney Spears. Her actual birthday is August 21st but I'm doing it the night before. She does not read this blog so she has no idea. :) Her boyfriend is helping me orchestrate this and I am SUPER excited to see her reaction. I will cry my eyes out if I don't get my request off for that. I will be away the 9th-16th but said I could work AM&PM shifts the 17th-19th & 21st plus the am of the 20th. I have honestly never been denied an RO off from work.

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