Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I just don't get it....

Normally, I wouldn't write about something like this. But since it is national breaking news and I watched it live, I had to.

I simply do not get it. At all. Maybe it is because I am not 100% sure of how the jury system works since the only time I got called for jury duty was when I was out of the country. But they reached a verdict in the Casey Anthony trial in Florida. You know, the mother who was accused of murdering her 2 year old daughter back in 2008. Let's all take a look at her, shall we?

Emotionless. That looks like the face of someone who is guilty, in my opinion.

I feel like this is the "important trial" of my "adult life" if you wanna call it that. People remember where they were when the OJ Simpson verdict was read back in the 90's. But, this woman, only a year older than me, is getting acquitted of murder. ARE THEY FOR REALZ?! After 33 days of testimony (I wish I had followed it from the start and not the last week or two), the jury was able to make a verdict after 10 hours, just TEN hours, of deliberation!

She was charged with 7 counts. Count 1 was murder in the first degree...and she's NOT GUILTY. Had she been convicted, she could've gotten the death penalty. Count 2 of the crime of aggravated child abuse...NOT GUILTY. Count 3 of Aggravated Manslaughter of a Child...NOT GUILTY. What did they find her guilty of? Providing false information to a police officer (there were 4 counts) and she had to be fingerprinted in court.

I just don't get it. Yes, everyone is presumed innocent until proven guilty and everyone has a right to a trial. So she got her trial. And yes, most of the evidence that was presented in the trial was circumstantial and there have been times when people have been convicted on circumstantial evidence. Yet, today it was proven Casey Anthony didn't. I just can't believe it. I am sure it was undoubtedly one of the hardest decisions for the jury to make. This is like the OJ Simpson trial all over.

My heart just goes out to her daughter. A child robbed of a future that could've been bright.

This whole trial makes me want to hug my nieces & nephew just a little closer, tighter and longer.

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