Wednesday, July 6, 2011


We all know what day of the week it is...Wednesday!! It is time to link up with Jamie and show the world What You're Loving for What I'm Loving Wednesday!

I'm loving that today is my niece/goddaughter Sara's recital! I danced for thirteen years and was hoping when she was born, that her parents would put her in dance. This is I believe her third (maybe fourth) year and she is doing two dances!
Munchkin & I at last year's recital

I'm loving
that starting today at work, we have to wear our t-shirts for two weeks that promote the new menu items we have for our new menu rollout that came out last week. Most people think the shirts are dumb/tacky/stupid but I'm happy to wear it for two weeks instead of the black button down shirt. Only downside is we have to tuck them Mine say "Ever been hit in the mouth with a shrimp" and "Meet Pepperoni's evil twin" for our new appetizer and new pizza.

I'm loving
that in less than 5 weeks I'll be seeing Britney Spears! Second time seeing her in concert with my BFF Shannon. We're not exactly thrilled that Nicki Minaj or whatever is opening for her so we plan to have a little fun beforehand! And I'm loving that I will also be seeing Taylor Swift with Shannon in November. YEAH!

I'm loving
adoption stories. Call me crazy (because I'm not engaged/married/wanting kids yet) but I think it's so remarkable. Any family that adopts, whether domestically or internationally, is an inspiration. It is part of my dream to be able to adopt when I'm older and done having my own biological children.

I'm loving that Friday night is Girl's Night Out. We're going out to celebrate Olivia's birthday (which is tomorrow)! Shannon and Olivia are getting dinner beforehand (I unfortunately am at work til 10) and then I'll be joining them for drinks. Love these girls! Cannot wait to see them:

What are you loving this week?!

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  1. great loves :) Have a fun GNO! They're always needed!