Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Worth the money

Hands down I have to say, my Macbook Pro was the BEST money I EVER spent!! I had a Dell laptop in college and it was nothing but problems when it decided not to work. Three months after getting it, the video card broke. Two months later, my DVD drive crapped out. My fans blew after studying abroad (yes I had all the proper adapters/chargers while in Europe!). The screen display got messed up. Finally, the battery crapped out and I was not paying $300+ for a new one. Enter summer 2009, saved up a ton of $$ and bought myself a 13 inch macbook pro!

Only now, I noticed today, my charger is barely holding a charge. You're probably not suppose to keep it plugged into the computer while on it but um yeah, oops? The battery is currently at 86% thanks to my lovely screen information. I checked my warranty on Apple's website...low and behold, it is still in effect until September 8, 2012! Sooo glad i had extended it from a one year to a three year warranty. I work tomorrow 5-9 so I made an appointment for 3:45 at the Apple Store to have it checked out. I am pretty sure I just need a new charger but it never hurts to have them look at it at the Genius Bar. Plus, I see a lot of the Apple employees as they come into CPK all the time. Let's hope this is not a big deal....I LOVEEEEEEEE my computer.

I think I'm going to turn it off and give it a rest. Maybe it'll be nothing! I think I'll go lay in bed and read/watch "Dance Moms" (tune into Lifetime tomorrow night for a new episode...HILARIOUS!) so I can get up early to CLEAN/do my laundry for work.


  1. I have a MacBook and I will NEVER go back to PC's! EVER!
    I think the Pro is the next one I'll get!

  2. :) Seriously, won't go back either. My entire family in this house uses Macs...I have a Macbook Pro, my brother has the white macbook and my mom has an iMac!