Tuesday, July 19, 2011

{poor doggie}

If anyone knows me, I am a big animal lover. Specifically dogs, because that is all I have grown up with. I've had three dogs in the span of my 24 yrs on this Earth. They have all been cocker spaniels. We had Harper when I was little. But we had to give him to my mom's friend's neighbor because he was biting EVERYTHING. He bit one of my babysitters (a daughter of another friend of my mom) from her wrist to her elbow. He bit my mom over a piece of steak. When the dog lunged for my face, that was it (I was really young...like 4 or 5). He eventually went to live on a farm.

Then, when I was in second grade, our next door neighbor's son (my brother's best friend) found a dog in a kennel on the side of our house one night in the middle of November. The dog was covered in pee and everything. So he took it into his garage for the night. His mom called mine the next day and I remember my mom saying "I need another dog like I need another hole in my head!" Clearly, this dog won my mom over because after putting him in the pound incase the original owners tried to claim him,she called up and put her name on the list to adopt him the very next day. The original owners never claimed him so we got him! His name was Rusty, because the color of his fur was like a rust color. He was such a SWEET dog. He pretty much came house trained.He LOVED tennis balls and we took him swimming in our pool. I dont even have any pictures of him on my computer. :( When I was in 10th grade, we had to put him to sleep. The area around his heart kept filling up with fluid and they could take a needle and remove it, but it would probably just fill up again. So, to take him out of his misery, we put him to sleep. I think I cried for a week because I loved that dog. I had him for so long. And to top it off, my dog HATED the song "I Will Always Love You" by Whitney Houston (who knows why)..and that was playing in the car on the way home from the vets. Good thing we only live around the corner!

Enter dog #3. I pretty much convinced my mom we needed another dog. My brother Eric was in school and Brian was entering college that fall. I got home first and HATED coming home to an empty house. We searched everywhere for a cocker spaniel and eventually found one in an ad in the newspaper. The lady was super weird on the phone and all. And when she brought the dog back to our house to see if she liked it here, she said she'd call the next day...she never did! So essentially she abandoned it. Good thing I liked her! She was a black cocker spaniel named Honey (for real?!) so I changed it to Shadow because she kept following me around the whole day. We've had her 8 years this August. Wanna see her cute face?
Well, she was suppose to have surgery today for her paw. There's a lump on it that has to be removed...only her temperature was 105.5! Apparently 102 is normal for a dog. So I had to take her home and bring her back on Friday. Poor dog, she knew something was up when I had to chase her around the front yard this morning and had to carry her to the car. Hopefully after she gets this removed her paw won't hurt her as much and she'll feel better!

Well, it's OFF to go clean this room. Seriously, it looks like Hurriane "I Drop Crap Here" came through.

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