Tuesday, July 26, 2011

la la la la la

Happy Tuesday, y'all! It is finally not 100+ degrees out. Seriously, that was SUPER gross last week. Now, I am all for summer and the beach, cute clothes and warm weather over freezing my butt off in the winter. But when you wake up and its 100 degrees at 9am, NOT COOL. After dropping my brother off at work on Friday, I went and got my nails done because I needed a manicure. PS - love the color of them {strawberry margaritas by OPI..a nice pink color!}. When I got in the car after having left my windows cracked open a bit, the thing in my car that has the temperature said it was 112 degrees! I know it was probably from sitting in the sun but still. NO ONE sat outside Friday night or Saturday at work. Awesome.

My dog had her surgery on Friday and the poor puppy kept whimpering the entire time after she got home. My mom wants me to take a picture of her bandaged paw. I felt so bad for her. Today she goes back to the vet to I guess have the dressing changed.

Okay, so there was a documentary made about the Taconic Parkway crash from July 2009. The Taconic is a major road in upstate New York. I used to drive by it when I was going to school though never drove on it because my SIL lived up in the area by where I went to school. It just so happened that the day this crash happened, I was driving back with three friends from school from a trip where we had surprised our friend Heather in Massachusetts/New Hampshire....and the original Mapquest directions I had printed out told us to take the Taconic Parkway home. Thankfully, we had my friend Shannon's Mom's GPS and it did not take us that route. But we were right by it around the time the crash happened. In the crash, 8 people died - 3 men in a SUV, one mother from Long Island with her 2 yr old daughter and her three nieces. It was so sad. The title of the documentary (which was on HBO last night) was "There's Something Wrong with Aunt Diane." I recorded it because I was at work and did not realize it was on the HBO Latino channel....so there's subtitles in Spanish, ha ha. Gives me the opportunity to practice reading them! Overall, it's such a tragedy but I am thankful the GPS rerouted us that day!

I am going to be so thankful come tomorrow night. I usually only work Mon,Wed,Fri,Sat or Sun in my availability for the summer. I dont work every Wednesday (have only because of fundraisers or someone switched with me). So this week I was suppose to work Mon, Wed, Fri & Sat night. And Saturday by myself (which usually there are two hosts and they sent me home last Sat when I was "on call" because they did not think it was going to get busy and it did so I hope that doesn't happen Sat!). But one of the girls needs coverage today from 12-3 for her shift because she's going to a Lil Wayne concert. That makes 6 days in a row at work. Last Fri, Last Sat, Last Sun, last night, today, and tomorrow. Thursday off and then Fri & Sat. I don't technically mind but I cannot wait to sleep. I think I'll browse the mall a little today after work (need to go into Victoria's Secret to pay my bill as opposed to paying it online and adding $10 to it for the same day fee). And hey, another day at work means more play money for Disney. Holy bonkers, I leave two weeks from today! YAY! And thank the LORD we switched our flight from 6am to 1045am. What on EARTH was my brother thinking when he made that flight time? This chick does NOT function well in the am.

And also, I am a firm believer in good things will come to those who wait. I know my Prince Charming is out there somewhere...he's just lost and is too stubborn to ask for/find directions. And I am happy with my current boyfriend. But seriously, how many people my age are also getting married?! No joke! Seriously! Good for them...even though I may be a teeny jealous. But it makes me think back to high school/younger when I thought I'd at least be engaged by this age. Yep, I am only 24 yrs old so I don't need to rush things like this in life. But it would be nice to ya know, get married before I am 52348523 years old...HAHA!

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