Tuesday, July 12, 2011

every day i'm shuff-aling.

Okay, I am probably a major procrastinator. Let's face it...what person would leave a 10 page final paper to write until the night before it was due? Yeah, that was me (and well my roommate Steph since we were in the same class) when I took Developing Adolescent Psych in college. So I pretty much rock at procrastinating. Today, it changed.

I finally put my sweaters away that have been sitting on the floor forever! It looks and feels nice to be able to view my DVR box head on without having to look over a mountain of clothes. I took out more summer clothes and filled up four bags of stuff I wanted to get rid of. In doing that, I felt a sense of relief because I got rid of stuff either too big or that I haven't worn in years. Like I got rid of a skirt that I remember wearing at my SIL's bridal shower...eleven years ago! However, there is a big pile of jeans on my floor in front of my closet that I need to try on...some are the size I wore almost a year ago and then the next size down...and I don't wanna donate all the big ones incase I have a "fat" day or something. Ha Ha. Tomorrow I will try those on. There's also some stuff inbetween my bed and my dresser that I need to finish putting away but right now, I'm wiped! I actually need to get my sheets out of the dryer so I can make my bed so I can go off to dream land tomorrow.

Is it only me or does it take anyone else hours to clean their room? I usually get distracted. I want to go to bed after I watch Teen Mom and get up early to finish since I need to study for my CST on Saturday. I was pretty impressed with the way my closet looks now! Can't wait to see my end result tomorrow!

I think I have way too many pairs of jeans as I stare at the pile. In about a year, I lost 30lbs, which I attribute to leaving my old job. As a result, I dropped pants sizes yet I still want to keep those pants incase I have a fat day (a la bloated feeling). But that means way too many to store! Ahhh!! I need a bigger closet. Preferably a HUGE walk in one.

All of today I have craved tositos with queso, which was my downfall in college haha. I will probably end up driving to the store tomorrow to buy the chips because we already have the queso dip in the fridge!

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