Monday, July 4, 2011

Baby you're a FIREWORK!

Come on let your colors burst! Happy 4th of July, everyone! This is probably the first time in about three years I have NOT had to work on July 4th, and I am SUPER excited! Normally, I work Monday nights at my job but considering they said July 4th is dead (you figure beach, bbqs, parties), they are only open 12-4 and therefore I dont have to work. Nice! I'm off until Friday and it's desperately needed!

I will be attending a party later at my friend Dan's house (he is dating my BFF Shannon). I am bringing jello shots so let's hope they work out! I have googled recipes to make sure (I have never made them before) and I think I have a drink cookbook Shannon gave me for my 21st birthday (how very appropriate!) so we shall see. All I know is I am going to have a good time tonight! :)

God bless my sister-in-law for making my brother change our flights to Disney. I'm sorry, but who books a 625am flight to Disney with a 6, 4, and 2 year old. Yeah, THAT would have been pleasant. However, we're now taking a 1045am flight so I'm excited. Seriously, I love Southwest Airlines. I was trying to change it online, it wouldn't work. So I called up and spoke to a very nice person and now it is all settled! All I have to do is alter our Magical Express Reservations and then we're good to go. It can't come soon enough!

Sometimes I wonder if people own mirrors and look in them as they are getting dressed or before they leave their houses. Case in point - yesterday when I got to work I wanted coffee. I should've stopped at 7-11 but I went to Barnes & Noble at the mall and the little Starbucks kiosk. There was this woman there wearing a navy blue striped shirt and a pink leotard sweatsuit looking type thing. It looked like a Richard Simmons-esque outfit! OH MY WORD, I almost fell over laughing!! SERIOUSLY?! Did she not look in the mirror before she left her house? Omg it was horrendous. I so badly wanted to take a picture of it on my cellphone but I couldn't without looking too obvious! I even tried looking on Google to see if I could find a picture that resembled it such luck.

Also, this kid in front of me on line was such a brat. Don't get me often make me want to tell them to be quiet because they're so bratty but I love children. Case in point - my mom informed me my nieces and nephews love me more than her (yeah right on that one!). But this kid kept SCREAMING how he wanted a chocolate chip cookie and then began punching his mother because the line was taking so long. I don't know if that is bad parenting or what but holy cow, he was a brat!

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