Monday, July 4, 2011

Holy cow, is that PINTEREST-ing!

Like I've said, I am addicted to Pinterest. Lord only knows that I was trying to refrain myself for the longest time from joining the website or even browsing it. I requested to join but don't think I ever did. I kinda just like saving what I find on my computer. So here we go with some more fun things/inspiring words/randomness for today that I found:

LOVEEEEEEE this! The quotes are so cute. And part of me wishes I could write like that. I detest my handwriting, haha!

Gosh, I love this.


Who doesn't love wine?! (This girl is raising her wine!)

Story of life!

I would say something along these lines to my future soulmate....wherever he may be.

Oh I am a firm believer in that!

Life motto.

Totally true.

I want a man that would say that to me. Pure romance. Pure happiness!

I feel like this is the throw back to my undergrad school for basically making me feel like I would never get to being a teacher. :)

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