Thursday, July 7, 2011

Chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool

Chillin out, maxin, relaxing all cool
Shootin some b-ball outside of school

Okay, I am nooooo Will Smith a la Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (anyone else remember this?!). But that is like the title of my life right now. Or Bruno Mars' Lazy Song. Because I don't feel like doing anything, haha! No joke, my schedule this summer is pretty easy. Considering I worked 45+ hours a week last summer, no I'm sorry, for a YEAR straight after going to college at my old job, I find this summer a rare treat! I don't know what to do with myself at times. One of these days I'm gonna be productive and clean my closet. My problem is I put a movie on in the background for background noise....and then get distracted! Ha. But for realz, my room needs to be cleaned like yesterday. Time to haul butt!

Today I drove out to the location where I am taking one of my last New York state certification tests for my teaching license. I say one of my last because for the Special Education extension, I have to take the CST in that too. I am taking my Spanish one on Saturday and I'm nervous...yet haven't studied. I REALLY need to go over my grammar like all the super hard tenses like um starting as in last year because that'll probably mess me up. Umm, yes. Super nervous. Say some prayers for me from NOW until next Saturday...the 16th!

Afterwards, I was feeling a little overwhelmed with thinking of the future and thanks to my mom's lovely GPS getting me lost on the way to the mall over there to get a friend's birthday gift, I needed a little reward. I only bought form the Vera Bradley store. I got my friend a wallet she's been lusting after since May and then a tote for myself and the student agenda in one of their new patterns, Plum Petals. Look how cute it is, I can't wait to use it! Although they are jacking up the prices of their stuff ($48 for a LAUNDRY BAG..are you for realz?!!!), I will still love it. So light-weight for the summer. Need to switch into something soon. Okay, here we go:

And purely because I am insane, I made something special for my friend Olivia for her birthday. She is probably the biggest fan of Glee out of anyone I know. And she loves the guy Darren Criss who plays Blaine. So I made a joke once they should be married. Well,I made it happen in a picture that I am going to frame for her birthday! She'll love it!!! Thanks to for helping me do it:

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