Saturday, July 9, 2011

It's Summertime.....

and the living's easssssyyyyy....seriously, I just love summer! Sometimes I wish my birthday was in the summer instead of November. Why? I'm not quite sure. But I think summer clothes are so much fun and easier to wear.

I just got a thing in the mail for savings at Kohls. Let's face it, Kohl's is always having a sale. Even my BFF Shannon that works there says that. Well sometimes they send you coupons for 15% off, 20% off or 30% off your purchase. My mom and I both have cards and usually only like to use it when its 30% off...sometimes 20% off. Something I noticed on the side of the thing was New York State sales tax exemption on apparel and footwear items costing less than $55 is now valid through 3/31/2012, based on current law. Might not seem like a lot but when the sales tax is like 8.25%, anything is considered a big deal!

My niece did an awesome job at the recital the other night. She did two numbers this year. A ballet number to "Michelle" by the Beatles and tap to "Twistin the Night Away." Her studio's theme was Playlists tributing the iPod. It was really cute. I gave her a necklace that said her name, Sara, with a Mickey Mouse on it from Disney. And when I gave it to her, she informed me next year I'll have to bring two for her and one for her sister Emma. Haha, she's a smart cookie that one. Here's me and the munchkin after her tap number:

(She looks like she could be my daughter! There's something about my goddaughter that just makes you laugh. She's a hoot.)

There are a lot of good movies coming out this summer. I've already seen Bad Teacher and it was hysterical! I want to see the 7th Harry Potter movie (well part two). I never really read any of the books (I know, shame on me!) but maybe now that there are no more movies, I'll do that. Plus I wanna see Horrible Bosses, Friends with Benefits and a few others. I feel like the best movies come out in the summer. My friends and I made a list of the ones we need to see.

Boo for my schedule next weekend. I mean, yay I am happy to work (especially since my mother is nagging me about money for rent and let's just say that conversation did not make me happy yesterday/I don't make enough to afford it....part of the reason why I want my own adult job and move out!). But I don't wanna close, ha ha. I'm working 5-10 Friday, 3:30-10 Saturday, and 5-9 Sunday. I am also taking my CST test Saturday morning so I'm literally coming home Friday night, eating & going to bed and waking up at like the crack of dawn. Eww. Oh well.

And please say a prayer for my Grandma. Apparently she had somewhat of a mild stroke yesterday. She called my mom at work to ask her how to cook some type of noodle or something and was going to play a card game with a friend. Must have happened inbetween then. She was being kept overnight in the hospital for observation but still. I hope she's okay.

Maybe I'll go make myself a pot....yes a POT...of coffee and clean my room. I'd like to be able to remember what color my rug is, ha ha!

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