Thursday, July 7, 2011


It is Thursday. One day closer to Friday (and GNO!...reminds me of another word if you look at it too fast ha ha). And it is time for Seriously?! Thursday with Becky at From Mrs to Mama. Link up there to vent out everything!

Seriously?! Casey Anthony...yeah, the chick gets off pretty much free. She already spent 997 days in jail since 2008 for the crime while awaiting trial. Then she gets acquitted of three important charges (murder, aggravated child abuse and aggravated manslaughter). And oh hey, she gets 1 year in jail for the four count she was found guilty on (lying) so basically she'll serve like a year and then go walk free. SERIOUSLY?! I'm just waitingggggg for the Lifetime movie, book deals, 20/20 interviews that will come out of this. All I can say is RIP Caylee. :( So sad.

Seriously?! My poor grandma needs to replace her hearing aid. She lost it so in order to talk to her, you pretty much have to yell. I did hear her ask my mom last night at my niece's recital if I was 21 or yeah, I'm pretty much 24. Poor grandma. :( I just had to laugh that she didn't know how old I was.

Seriously?! I'm watching MTV's True Life "I Hate My Roommate" and there are two girls who live in Idaho as roommates at a college and oh my word they are bickering non stop! immature. I had my fair share of roommates who were odd but seriously not that bad. These chicks need to calm down.

Seriously?! Vera Bradley came out with their new release that debuts in store. I mean they jacked up their prices and all. And hey, they are light-weight cotton purses. But seriously...I do not need another one....(and I am going to the store later to browse/buy Olivia's present..ha ha!)

Seriously?! I have no energy to do studying for my content test next Saturday. This is going to come back and bite me in my butt! Seriously...what is my problem?

Seriously?! driving home in the traffic from my niece's recital last night was SO not fun. It's 45 minutes from the place where its at to my house plus then we had to drive my grandma home. Um yeah, they closed one exit on the LIE (an expressway) and I had to deal with people honking at me when you CLEARLY can't go anywhere. And the bright lights from the big trucks. SERIOUSLY - chill out people! (I have such bad road rage when people tick me off). You'll get to your destination...eventually.

Seriously?! I wish I had motivation to do things. This whole "make your own schedule/pick the days you wanna work" is lovely, except all I did the last four days was sleep in til 11! Crap! At least I am going to the school where my CST test is next Saturday. Go me. I need to figure out how to get there since I have to be there at 745am and yeah, I am not a morning person!

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  1. I have some major road rage too! I can't stand bad drivers